Will Wang
Will Wang
Product Manager at Microwell Electron( HK) Limited
Shenzhen, China
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Microwell Electron(HK) limited was founded in 2007,located in Shennan avenue and Qianhai Road joint,Nanshan District, Shenzhen City,"Manhattan" area of future Zhujiang Delta,have the view over whole beautiful Zhongshan Park.Being Shenzhen universal agency of Microgate technology ,which located in Guanlan,Baoan district,sharing an important part in world's passive components, Microwell product lines consists of RF components,EMI,EMC components,ESD componets,power components of MICROGATE a,we support customers with 120 percent satisfatory services in sales,FAE and new designs due to our good team and excellent products.Our customers varies in IT,Security and surveillance facility,Communications, Household appliance and computer technologies.

Microwell is a leader in circuit protection components,power inductors and RF products for computing, communication, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics. Microwell offers a complete line of EMI/EMC solutions,ESD protections,Power inductors and RF solutions that are all designed to make electronic products to work smoothly and effectively.

Developing new technologies is one of Microwell's core competencies. With continuous investments in R&D for new products, Microwell is well prepared to meet customer's future needs. Our proven record of innovation has contributed to our customers success.

Our expertise and experience in material science, process technology and advanced manufacturing facility gives Microwell the capability to respond to the changing demands of the market quickly. Our strict cost control makes our products competitive for our customer.

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