Wendy Hua
Wendy Hua
Marketing Director at Beijing sooall information technology Co.,Ltd
Beijing, China
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Founded in June 2012, sooall is a young and dynamic technology-based enterprise that has two major business lines. One is to develop innovative online platform among industries, the other is to primitively create smart gadgets. sooall consists of Beijing sooallInformation Technology CO.,LTD, sooall (HongKong) International Company, Beijing SouWo Information Technology CO.,LTD, ShenZhen sooall Interactive Technology CO.,LTD, ShenZhen sooall Speaker CO.,LTD.

sooall applies ‘Cloud Service’ to its core strategy. Bringing the knowledge of Optics, Acoustics, Semiconductor, IoT, Embedded Hardware System, Chip Algorithm Method, the Web, Big data, Cloud Computing and Human-Computer Interaction into our R&D Team, sooall now has established the Mobile Internet Innovation Center, Cloud Computing Big Data Technology Center, Industrial Design & Creation Center, IoT Smart Gadgets R&D Center, Optics Semiconductor Research Center and Acoustics Industrial Technology R&D Center. sooall’s team members all are exceled at their own specialty, their contribution and dedication making sooall one of a kind in the technology-based innovative industry that is in possession of intellectual property.

sooall believes ‘Dream Life Comes True’. Depending on the online community platform, sooall has formed five product line including smart sports products, smart projector, smart outfit and smart sound system. With these products, customers are able to remotely control whatever they like to keep an eye on, to manage energy consumption, to test air quality, to listen to music, to watch videos, to schedule their workout, and so on.

We live in the century of the Web. Everything will be connected via the Internet in the future. sooall are happy to work with all of our customers and partners to make a greener, healthier and more peaceful Earth. We hope that we will create a new world where people have more efficient and pleasant communication. sooall are equipped to make your life easier through the way you live, are you ready to join us to make your world a ‘Smarter World’?


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