Wen Xia Du
Wen Xia Du
Copywriter at Innoclan
Shenzhen, China
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Innoclan is a global B2B trading platform for innovative products, which focuses on bringing massive mature innovative products preferred by the Innoclan team into traditional offline channels, so as to liberate makers, extend the value of designers and improve the quality of life with innovative products. At the same time, Innoclan will release the innovation index for embodying innovation degree, the supply chain index for embodying manufacturing strength, and the designer index of designers, so as to provide a professional and standard reference for maker economy, and promote the optimization and upgrading of innovation industry chain.

Company background

Although maker and designer teams have received higher education, with extraordinary understandings and amazing ideas to cutting-edge technologies, in the entrepreneurial process, even numerous difficulties have been overcome, it is difficult for them to implement the innovative products sometimes, and even if the innovative products have been implemented after numerous difficulties and dangers, they often fall in the last link of the whole industry chain ---- sales! The problem of how to sell has become a stumbling block. Affected by the current hot e-commerce, the entrepreneurial team often can only choose extensive sales through the e-commerce. In the absence of a macro, unified and comprehensive business plan, the circumstances of incorrect pricing and random play can be seen everywhere, leading to “life lost” of their hard work and seriously reducing the magnitude of channel space.

Company Location

The positioning of Innoclan is to solve the last link of the industry chain for innovative products --- sales. Our great advantage lies in the strong accumulation of both overseas and domestic channels, and the capacity to fully control channel depth, breadth, and dimensions, so as to really penetrate the outstanding creative products into the the overseas market and get large orders. Although the domestic market demand is large, it is not necessarily the best initial market for getting large orders due to the business environment and the payment period. Therefore, the channel policy of Innoclan is that domestic market comes after the overseas market; use large orders to form scale and reduce costs for survival at first, then return to the domestic market for branding; the cooperation method of Innoclan is the mode of open cost and profit sharing, maximizing the values, profits and market cycles of outstanding innovative products together with designers and makers.