Way Luo
Way Luo
Business Development Manager at Royole
Shenzhen, China
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Royole was founded with the mission to create the highest quality electronic applications utilizing its proprietary digital display technology. Royole develops innovative display technologies and related electronic products, and provides IP licenses, services and solutions for a variety of industries associated with display applications.

Royole creates and manufacturers the most advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors and wearable consumer electronics. In 2014, Royole introduced the world’s thinnest full-color flexible displays with a thickness of 0.01 mm and a bending radius of 1 mm. In 2015, Royole began mass production of its proprietary flexible electronics at its production facility in Shenzhen China. In September 2015, Royole announced the world’s first foldable Virtual Mobile Theater.

Royole has operations in Silicon Valley, USA, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. The company is led by a team of technologists from top research institutes around the globe and is backed by leading venture capitalists including IDG Capital Partners and Shenzhen Capital Group. Only three years since its inception, Royole has filed hundreds of patents and become one of the few ‘unicorn’ start-ups in the world.

Display Products

Virtual Mobile Theater


Royole-X features groundbreaking display and audio technology, designed within a gorgeous lightweight but heavy duty headset.

Flexible Display


Royole introduced the world’s thinnest, lightweight, bendable, foldable and shatterproof full-color flexible display with a thickness of 0.01 mm and a bending radius of 1 mm.

Flexible Sensor


Royole develops and manufactures low-cost, high-performance, high-throughput sleek flexible sensors.