Wanshan Xie
Wanshan Xie
Manager at Zhichanjia
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Zhichanjia

Zhichanjia is an online trading platform of intellectual property rights. Through the integration of industry resources, the company provides users with integrated services such as optimizing trademarks, patents and copyright resources to solve the problems of actual intellectual property rights. Under the Shenzhen Huaxia Association of Network Technology Co., Ltd.

The company aim to help the enterprises to increase the value of intellectual property (asset) to promote the development of enterprise intangible assets as a development guide to the SME innovation and business needs as the guide, to establish a counseling innovative entrepreneurial enterprise intellectual property planning as the goal, "integration optimization of trademarks, Patent, copyright resources, to solve the customer's actual intellectual property issues "as the main line, to establish an open sharing mechanism as the core, integration of industry resources, platform" five basic functions "(corporate trademark status and anti-cybersquatting monitoring, intellectual property transactions, trademark self- reporting activities, enterprise intellectual property rights diagnosis, intellectual property business training) architecture, focusing on the integration of "idle trademark resources, patent licensing license trading resources, copyright intellectual results resources" three types of resources, with "public innovation, entrepreneurship" market main line, to provide One - stop intellectual property service platform ecosystem.