Wang Cheng-Yu
Wang Cheng-Yu
R&D leader at Netronix
Hsinchu, Taiwan
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Company Website: Netronix

This is Janus and I am an expert in HW design field

ABOUT Netronix:

"Efficiency, Innovation, Reliability, Enhancement"

Netronix, INC, is the designer and manufacturer of network products and eBook Reader total solutions. It was founded by a group of well-experienced experts in Jun. 1997 with capital of US$8,600,000 and headquartered in Hsinchu/Taiwan.

Our service includes:

Ethernet applications from Ethernet Switch, Gigabit Switch, Web-smart Switch to SNMP managed switch that fits the needs from Home and SOHO network, small and medium business to government and enterprises.

Wireless products: wireless adapters, AP, routers, and along with some wireless peripherals.

NAS (Network Attached Storage): networking data backup and sharing mechanism.

Multimedia products: PVR (Personal Video Recorder), Cameras, and PoE compliant products for various demands.

e-Book Reader total solutions:from designing ID, Hardware, Software to manufacture eBook Reader products.

As we have mentioned, Netronix has a very good experience in designing and manufacturing network and e-Book Reader products. Besides, All of the products are in fully compliance with ISO QC process and ROHS green production. Moreover, the company exploits resources and creates a presence in the eBook Reader market. Netronix is the best choice for OEM and ODM products.