Wai Kong Sung
Wai Kong Sung
CTO at Lewa Inc
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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I have been fortunate to have a career path which has taken me to Taiwan, United States, Hong Kong and China. This trajectory has given me first-hand experience in the evolution of the main aspects of connected devices or “Internet of Things” (IoT) as it is referred to nowadays.


After working on devices in many different places, I would say Shenzhen is still the best place for making devices within budget and on schedule. However, it does require communication skills with the suppliers in order to ensure the quality and schedule. Being native Chinese, it is definitely easier for me to work with them because of our common language and culture.


It's no longer the dot com and enterprise service bus days when we needed to put up a lot of effort and resources to achieve hardware and network scalability on the server side. Cloud solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google have made server-side development much easier.

On the other hand, since there are many different cloud providers and each offer a large number of services, it is not straight forward to piece together the right services into your own cloud solutions.


With so many open source solutions built on Mapreduce, NoSQL and RDD, data analytics are no longer limited to relational database and programming languages. However, some of the big data solutions used for devices are kind of an overkill for these devices. I look forward to any form of collaboration to apply IoT to improve people's lives in different parts of the world.

About LeWa

LeWa Inc, provides worldwide smartphones with localized solution based on Android OS, with core applications including better performance, power saving, privacy and security.

LeWaOS creates more chances and enhances competitiveness for OEM market, moreover, supplies more smart equipment with connectivity capability and service. The achievement lies in the integration from underlying architecture, protocol layer, data and algorithm, privacy and security, multi-media, interaction, visual design to supply chain and localized services.

Having experienced nearly 5 years, almost 200 versions of software iterations, 7 official commercial versions, LeWaOS is compatible with hardware platforms including MTK, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum and Intel, and synchronous with the latest released Android versions and into Google ecosystem. LeWa owns the most excellent Android software compilers and develop group with strong technology skills, which is the most professional third-party OS provider as well.l.

The Smartphones using LeWaOS

Intex Aqua 4G+