Vishal Patil
Vishal Patil
Project Manager at The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd
Gurgaon, India
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Project Manager at The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz. Responsible for industrial automation and robotics and development of intelligent systems for warehouse automation, like AGVs(carts, tugging, unit load, tunneling), indigenous designed and built in house. Responsible for development of intelligent driver awareness systems.



Mobile Engine Assembly Stations



2500 kg payload capacity

AGV has onboard hydraulic lifter and trunion.

Replaces conventional assembly line conveyors.

Provides flexibility in operations and quick ramp-up capabilities.

Accommodate multi-variants.

Provides greater process control.

Mobile Vehicle Assembly



Load carrying capacity up to 5000 kg

Replacing conventional slat/overhead conveyors, thereby eliminating need for any civil work or strengthening structures

Removal of single point of failure thereby increasing reliability.

Configurable and easily modifiable behaviour at each station.

Provides greater degree of access and ease of assembly.

Capacity of integration with MES system.

Mobile Transmission Engine Marriage Station



Load carrying capacity up to 4000 kg,

Longest AGV of 3.65 meters

AGVs is equipped with complete marriage fixture designed to accommodate 4 model variants.

Eliminates the need of long monorails/EMS systems.

Reduces transfer and assembly time.

No fixed station required for assembly.

Forklift AGV (TFL)


These “The Hi-Tech Fork Lift” (TFL) AGVs are designed for replacing fork truck applications so as to reduce dependency on fork truck drivers. These TFLs can play a pivotal role in reducing running cost of Warehouses , Distribution Centres as well as manufacturing plants.

Payload: Speed: Upto 2000 kg Upto 1 m/s (Varies with payload & route)

Pallet Jack AGV (TPJ)


These “The Hi-Tech Pallet Jack” AGVs are used for ground to ground pallet movement, which can either done automatically or operators can manually board the vehicles and back them into pallets.

Payload: Upto 2000 kg Speed: Upto 1 m/s (Varies with payload & route)

Tugger AGV (TUG)


These “The Hi-Tech Tugger” AGVs can be towed at a time. Chain movement of product with our TUG AGVs is very common. In this case, various products destined for multiple destinations along the route are towed with a single AGV. The AGV will make several stops as per the program for order fulfillment at different locations.

Payload: Speed: Upto 2000 kg Upto 1 m/s (Varies with payload & route)

Tunnelling AGV (TUN)


These Tunnelling AGVs can drive under pre-positioned trolleys/carts. The common application for TUN series AGVs is in field of manufacturing, e-commerce, hospitals, clean rooms, etc. They are most ideal for transportation of trolleys between the work stations & assembly lines.

Payload: Speed: Upto 2000 kg Upto 1 m/s (Varies with payload & route)

Unit Load AGVs (TUL)


These “The Hi-Tech Unit Load” (TUL) AGVs are specifically designed to perform a set of particular assignment for individual load/component movement.Our TUL AGVs are very much popular for carrying manufacturing and assembly operations. These AGVs help in achieving high equipment utility as they solve the purpose of transfer as well as can also be used as Independent Working Station.

Roller Bed AGV


So as to transfer material from end of line station or to a conveyor system, option of AGVs with roller bed top is also there. Load transfer is easily accomplished using either Idler roller decks or motorized version. These are ideal for transferring Carton, Pallet or skid.

Multi Case Flow System


Mobile Case Flow system (MCFS) is a end to end warehouse automation solution. Our intellibot, with a speciality of travelling on the tracks and floor, can store and retrieve the bin from racks.

Quick Pik


THRSL's qUICKpIK also referred as Pick/Put to light or light directed system is a flexible picking system which is suitable for high density order picking operations.

CBRNE – Co-Developed with VRDE, Ahmednagar, DRDO


This is used for saving lives of defence personnel in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare and. Variants of this robot can be used for video surveillance, UXO handling & combat / anti-terrorist operations.

Daksh– ROV Improvisation & Manufacturing Partners with R&DE(E), Pune


This robot is developed for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations. Its ability to operate at a safe standoff keeps armed forces out of harm's way. This has been developed after realizing that the terrorist organizations have are targeting our public transport systems, civilian aircraft and crowded places

Surveillance Robot


It is a multi-terrain wireless surveillance robot, designed for personnel engaged in counter terrorism, law enforcement search and rescue among many other activities. It can be mounted with robotic arms, disruptor or more cameras for a large set of operations. This platform can provide 360 degree view with cameras mounted on it and can climb stairs. This robot is very apt for various counter terrorist and surveillance operations.

Rakshak – EOD Robot


Robot is being developed to offer a highly stable and manoeuvrable platform. Track modules are able to move continuously through 360 degrees and having independently front and back flippers, ensuring great versatility in stable positioning of the robot, which in turn provides class leading obstacle climbing capability and extremely stable stair climbing.

The ability to significantly change the vehicles flipper positions ensures stability, allows extended ground clearance when required and aids adjustment to comparatively minimum size when accessing confined spaces. The robot is quipped with 6 Axis manipulator with Changeable end effectors like gripper, scoop for sample collection etc

IRIS–Readily Deployable Remote Surveillance Robotic Eye


This product has been delivered to armed forces of the country to carry out surveillance operations to get the defence personnel a strategic advantage during counter terrorist operations. 360 degree Audio and Video Coverage Night Vision Capability Audio / Video transmission to a remote operator unit Control over rotating of the device for 360 degree coverage Operations for 2 hours. Ability to detect humans and human voice

MOLE – Mobile Robot for ISR operations


This mobile robot for rugged Intelligent Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations won the Best Innovation product award by Frost and Sullivan has been successfully developed and delivered to various armed forces.

It is a multi-terrain wireless surveillance robot, designed for personnel engaged in counter terrorism, law enforcement search and rescue amongst many other activities.

Rugged Controllers


Rugged Sensor Systems




Rugged Drive By Wire System


Operator Console Units


Driverless Vehicles - Our Latest Entrant (NOVUS-DRIVE)


Novus -Drive is a completely autonomous electric vehicle developed by The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd and was launched in the Auto Expo Motor show 2016 in India.


The demonstrations were done to ferry people around in the exhibition centre, where people were thrilled to experience a completely autonomous drive with no-driver on the steering wheel

Target Locations for Driverless Shuttles

Universities & large Office Campuses

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Group Housing Societies

Amusement Parks & Recreational Areas


Resorts and Golf Courses

Retirement Communities

On-Vehicle Tablet Interface

Key Features

Passengers can set destination goal points on the map

Passengers can also check Details of the destination drop off location

A Snooze button for making the vehicle stop

Configurable cached maps for various locations

Cloud Based Intelligence for a fleet management system

Audio / Visual Alerts in case of emergencies.

ADAS offerings are primarily built into the vehicle, but vendors are beginning to offer aftermarket solutions. Next-generation ADASs will increasingly leverage wireless network connectivity to offer improved value (by using car-to-car data). Source Research



ADAS - Driver State Monitoring System

It an Advance Driver Assistance System for Driver State Monitoring. It can detect and raise alarms on drivers inattention while driving. Caters to scenarios like which includes drowsiness and strafing.

Key Features

Detects driver drowsiness for day and night

Suitable for various face types .

Real-time processing of data for immediate response

Various options for alarm generation audio / visual

Compact size, easy to integrate

Can be retro-fitted to any vehicle

Easy Installation and Calibration

Option of recording of last five minutes of video

Option of integration with fleet management system


Active Safety Smart Cam & OBD II device with Cloud Analytics

Key Features

Lane Departure System Enables the driver to get an alert whenever there is a sudden change in Lane is happening

Forward Collision Warning Helps to give an immediate alert in case of an imminent collision is going to happen. This can prevent the user to actively take required maneuvers / actions to prevent such collisions.

Impact Alert Connects the user with a 24/7 customer support immediately after a sudden impact is detected by the device. The device automatically dials to the customer care and also shares the location of the impact.

Vehicle Health Anayltics for determining driving behaviors and vehicle healthy alerts. Thereby connecting with 24/7 Break Down assist and also timely service reminders based on vehicle health data collected by OBD Dongle