Vincent Ou
Vincent Ou
Sales Executive at Remotec Technology Limited
Shenzhen, China
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About Remotec

Founded in 1988, Remotec Technology Ltd. is a global leader in custom design, engineering, and delivery of wireless input devices and technology. With over 15 years of experience in universal remote controls and wireless control devices, Remotec has consistently provided quality products and services for customers around the globe.

Remotec works with original equipment manufacturers, private label and retail markets around the world in order to offer a wide array of high-quality IR/RF remotes, accessories, and standard solutions for A/V equipment, media centers, and home automation systems.

By combining the latest technology with innovative thinking and a wide breadth of knowledge and experience, Remotec is able to position itself as a leading application-oriented solution provider. We are constantly searching for novel solutions and products to further broaden our portfolio of patented technologies and databases.

With our professional R&D center in Hong Kong, and a well-equipped and efficient ISO 9001:2000 certified production base in China, we possess extensive design and manufacturing experience along with a thorough understanding of user requirements.


Remote Controller


Z-wave enabled Universal Remote Control


  • Controls a wide range of Z-Wave compliant appliances such as switches, dimmers, drape controllers and motorized shades.
  • Supports up to 16 Z-wave GROUP or SCENE.
  • Supports 8 IR controlled A/V equipments with Learning Capability.
  • Easy-to-use XpressZetup™ for typical users and powerful Advance Setup for experienced users.
  • Best-in-class Association setup capability.
  • Work as Primary or Secondary Controller,perfect companion for Z-Wave gateway.
  • Supports bi-direction and multi-level replication - simplify cloning.
  • Supports multi-channel devices.
  • Supports Z-ExtenderTM.


The Z-Extender is a Z-wave compliant Z-wave to IR extender. It works with any Z-wave controller or gateway, translating Z-wave's Simple AV commands to IR control codes. It has an integrated IR control code library to simplify setup and configuration procedures. It also supports Remotec's Universal IR Descriptor (UIRD) format allowing advanced users and custom installers to construct their own IR control code and program into the Extender.


Z-Wave Smart Plug (with Switch and Energy Meter)


ZTS-110 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat


BXT-100 BT-IR Extender