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Having a scalable, reliable, and globally accessible cloud backend is a key component of a product launch, but it's often overlooked. Official Partners of Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud, Nivo provides cloud infrastructure and consulting for IoT companies worldwide.

Nivo is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to facilitating the transition and establishment of businesses around the world to the next step of performance and reliability with cloud computing. Switching to an infrastructure that isn’t 100% on-premise is a rewarding, yet intimidating move for a small or medium company. Not only we’ll help to make it happen, but we’re also here to advise you on the long term and make sure you will always benefit from the most reliable and cost-effective cloud computing solution.

At Nivo we provide managed services to accompany you during the whole lifecycle of your project. From deployment to troubleshooting, we can deliver extensive features such as constant monitoring, A/B testing, guidance on how to reach your desired RTO/RPO, etc. Feel free to ask our representative for more details.


Online retailers

Finding the right hosting solution for your e-commerce website can be tricky and requires some preparation: server location, backup, performance scalin


You want your store to be available everywhere in the world. If you have a single physical server, that’s going to be a problem. We can help you to switch to a more global architecture and distribute your computing power all around the world.


Identifying bottlenecks is one of the keys to a good customer experience. In addition, maintaining a proper speed for your store will help with your SEO rankings. We provide a complete dashboard where you’ll be able to evaluate your needs in real time. Even better, Google Cloud is certified PCI DSS, so no worries about your customer data.


Time is money. What if your server goes down for two hours? This leads to benefit loss, bad company image, and trouble in general. When your server is hosted on a cloud platform, we can make sure it stays up and backed up, just in case.

Service providers

When you are providing services to people or companies, it’s important to have a well-designed and scalable infrastructure while maintaining costs as low as possible.


You want your Chinese potential and existing customers to benefit from your services, but sometimes synchronization with other servers can bring headaches. We have field-proven solutions for your needs that will ensure an adequate level of service in this big market.


As your company grows, you need to provide excellent services to all your users. Setting up automatic monitoring servers and tasks for your companies is a critical job and part of a well-rounded strategy. We will make sure you benefit from the most cost effective solution.

High performance

It’s important to keep your services as responsive as possible. We can help setting up a properly sized server cluster and help you identify bottlenecks. In addition, if you need more power, we can also facilitate the transition to bigger machines.

3D Rendering

Cloud Computing has greatly evolved over the past years and using it to render 3D components is now a perfectly viable and cost-effective alternative to maintaining your own machines.

Irregular activity

This is especially true if you’re taking a lot of freelance jobs. It’s hard to plan ahead what you’re going to need. But we’ll charge you only for what you use, and if you need more power, scalability is almost instantaneous.


Setting up and running your own rendering infrastructure can generate a lot of headaches. And we’re not even taking into consideration the inevitable (and fast) obsolescence you hardware will face. Outsourcing it to the Cloud will greatly reduce your overhead.


This goes without saying, you’ll need power. Good news, we’ll be able to handle everything you can throw at us. And probably faster than you are used to, saving you precious time. In addition, Google Cloud Platform has datacenters in Taiwan.

Startup companies

We can help you to make the right technical decisions right from the start. And if you’re already in a later stage, let us audit your infrastructure to cut down costs and increase performance!


When starting a company, every penny counts and hosting your app can start costing a lot. By registering through Nivo account on Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud, you’ll receive credits to try out the platform.


You want your company to reach out as much people as possible. We’ll help you dimension your server properly and seamlessly grow your infrastructure while remaining in control of the costs.


You’ll need to ship your software fast. Here at Nivo we keep everything flexible and available in case you need to face a sudden challenge.