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Cap-Tech International Co., Ltd was founded in 2012 which has established offices in Taipei, Shanghai and R&D center in Suzhou which bursts out of boundless enthusiasm and light from our new ideas, technologies and solutions. We have always been our professional and serious attitude towards products and services as well as the user experience in the first place. After years developing and providing smart home products and solutions, we have won widespread praises from the market that enables us to become the industry leader. In the future, Cap-Tech will keep continuing the self-optimization and innovation with the time.


Smart Lighting Control System Painted Your Home

Want to change the atmosphere at your fingertips? Or by combining light to create the mood you want to convey? Light can always play one after another key roles on these stages in the changing trends of today's design and decoration, it seems like no stars in the night sky without light embellishing in a house, will lost the brilliance.

Cap-Homey Smart Home Lighting Solutions allows you to customize your home atmosphere anytime and anywhere as long as you pick up your mobile devices and press a button will achieve the change in an instant. Even automatically conduct the light action according to your behavior (e.g. access/out the door, home theatre mode on) or when the set time is up.

Cap-Homey light system is capable of automatic adjustment of your home brightness no matter daylight saving need, the dark home theatre mode or high lighting area for the elderly and children; You can turn on/off all the lights without moving such as in a warm bed in the cold night; Furthermore, timing function can automatically change the lighting conditions in a specific time or accordance with your lifestyle.

Home Appliance Control System Related To Every Single Day

Do not keep a standstill to smart life due to the effective distance, appliance brands and operating system. Cap-Homey not only subverted the previous limitations of controlling single product, we would fully change your life!

Always felt a bit rough in your live? Get up rush in every morning? Cannot relax after whole day working, but beginning of another wave of a busy family? Is it possible like the movie that we stretch and yawn when wake up; the curtain automatically opens allowing you to looking better of the morning sun; or the gentle music accompanied by the smell of coffee to slowly wake up the sleeping family! Whether does this approach of waking up people will get more attraction? The toaster buzzes to tell it's ready for the breakfast when you brush your teeth. You will have a day full of vitality instead of a hurried chaotic life due to more minutes sleeping.

At night after work, you drag the exhausted body back home. The air-conditioning has already adjusted environment to a comfortable temperature; curtains have been lowered; the electric pot and stew pot cuisine are just finished, you can gracefully watch the TV news with the hot rice and boiled soup. In the same time, hot water is prepared ready for you by the water heater, taking a hot bath will be the best way of relieving the fatigue.

Security Monitoring System-The Guardian Of The Family

Nowadays, every major event in the broadcast shocks people, especially endless crimes. People feel insecure about the uncertainty of whether these events could happen one day in our family. Or the worst but often occurs is that some may observe your daily life and invade when you're away from home.

Cap-Homey smart home security system aims to consider every family member's safety with carious type of detectors, alarm system and remote video surveillance. Such as when you work out of town without concentration owing to the worries of the elder or children, our system allows you anywhere to receive the message or monitoring the home situation in the first time, which provide the family a more secure life.

Environment Detection System Always Guard Your Health

With the increasing development of technology and living standard, it has more concern about the environmental improvement; in the same time, carbon reduction issues have also been extensively paid attention due to the worsening of the pollution of earth and air quality.

Cap-Homey environment system helps user detect the air quality within the office scope to you have a healthy and suitable home environment.

Various environmental detection equipments help you detect harmful gases such as CO2, PM2.5 and VOC. You will be immediately notified if it has abnormal finding, Cap-Homey help you effectively prevent accidents. Please have peace of mind whether you are relaxing at home or outside for travelling!

Furthermore, by combining the detection devices with the infrared appliances, Cap-Homey system will remove the undesirable components in the air at the same time with rea-time monitoring. We aim to ensure you a best home environment!

Audio-Video Entertainment System Change Your Media Experience

Today, people have a huge soft spot for the music, you will easy to find those who listen to it with headphones no matter walk on the street, wait the subway or stay in a coffee shop.

Cap-Homey background music system enables you to control the audio-visual equipment anywhere and play different songs in several areas; no matter father wish to listen a symphony in the living room when mother prefers radio in the kitchen or pop music to teenagers, this system can meet all your needs.



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