Vencent Shi
Vencent Shi
General Manager at Wang Hong Sample& Model Co., LTD.
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Wang Hong Sample & Model Co., Ltd. specializes in model development model (mockup production. We are an entrusted professional model maker, providing customers with front-end development, including model appearance, institution, function, as well as temporary silicone mold, color, texture, strength and quality review mechanisms.

High quality standards

Wang Hong has high quality standards of production models, which are reasonably priced consistent with your specific requirements.

Comprehensive service

We provide a full, comprehensive service with active coordination and communication with you, the customer. Our attitude is to have a flowing and harmonic interaction with you so that we can satisfy your project requirement.

Integrity and pragmatism

We believe in doing an excellent job for every sample model. This means that we are hard-working and pragmatic, and we work hard for to provide you with an excellent service.

Continuous growth

We are always looking to improve and innovate to grow as a business. These are the development principles at Wang Hong that enables us to deliver a top quality service and have a sustainable growth.

If you need a high quality and cost efficient model making service, feel free to contact us!