Varun Bhartiya
Varun Bhartiya
Partner at ProtoTech Solutions
Rahatani, India
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Company Website: ProtoTech Solutions

ProtoTech Solutions is a custom software development services provider in CAD / CAM / CAE. We are Experts in plugin development on primary Autodesk products such as Fusion 360, Autocad, Revit, Inventor, Max, Maya and many more. We help companies create custom solutions in the domain of 3D visualization, data interoperability, cloud and mobile app.

Rapidly advance your ideas with a solution partner you can trust.

ProtoTech Solutions is a software development and consulting company that specializes in rapid development of engineering software by providing fast, reliable and accurate solutions. PTS is a private firm composed of well-trained and experienced professionals who are fully committed to helping our customers accelerate their development programs and build advanced solutions.

Specifically focused in the areas of CAD/CAM/CAE and Graphics. PTS has expertise in Solid Modeler programming (ACIS, Granite, Parasolid ), 3D Graphics (DirectX, HOOPS, OpenGL) and User Interface (MFC, Qt). PTS is based in Pune, India and offers an affordable solution for software development companies to expand their R&D efforts and develop their ideas into advanced applications that have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.

Company Hightlights

  • Founded on 15th September, 2005.
  • Integrates, Enhances and Maintains 2D/3D Engineering applications from 9 years
  • Rajesh Bhartiya, Co-founder has 15+ years of experience in 3D graphics and Solid Modelling
  • Team size of 40+ developers providing end-to end consulting and support
  • An Independent, Debt-free, Values based Company


(1) 3D PDF Viewer

We at ProtoTech have gained in depth understanding of the 3D PDF format. Combining our knowledge of the format and experience with mobile application development, we are happy to announce 3D PDF Viewer application on the App Store(iOS) and Play Store

(2) CAD Plugins

Over the years, we have developed expertise in CAD Plugin development and are able to have our own range of products which is useful for the 3D world. These add-ons can be custom enhanced or modified based on company’s requirements. Add-ons, based on Company’s requirement, increase the usability of the software as well as optimize designers’ efforts without leaving the design environment. Our plugins are focused on data export into various formats (3D PDF, WebGL, OBJ, DWG, DXF etc.)

(3) 3D Engineering Apps

At ProtoTech we offer design, development and implementation of various customized CAD/CAE software solutions for companies worldwide. Working with them continuously, we are able to have our own range of products which is useful for the 3D world. Our products focuses mainly on visualization. Following projects can be enhanced or modified on the basis of your requirements. This page lists all our products.