Tsai Willy
Tsai Willy
Assistant Vice President at Smartchip
Taoyuan, Taiwan
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Company Website: Smartchip

SMARTCHIP MICROELECTRONICS CORP (SMC) was founded in November 1995. The company originally started designing electronic components. In 1998 ,it went under a transition and streamlined itself to an IC design house with focus on technological research and development . In August 2002 SMC entered the RFID market with focus on RFID chips and solutions; quickly it became one of the top suppliers of RFID components across the Greater China region.

Currently, We design and manufacture numerous type of RFID components such as Tags ,Readers and modules. We provide RFID components for solutions such as Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Pet management, Underground detection, Water and Electricity Management etc.


SY485 RFID Reader


Product Number: SMC-SY485

SMC-SY485, is a long range contactless induction type reader which frequency is AM 125KHZ , it is a reader that designed

2.4GHz Reader


SMC-AR24 is a 2.4G low cost tag reader. It’s capable to receive active tag ID in RF 2.4G band and transmit ID through Uart or Weigand interface. ...

2.4GHz Tag


SMC-AT24-01 is a low cost, low power, and small size active 2.4G tx only tag module. The module could auto transmit 8 bytes encrypted ID to reader in desired time interval....


Product Number: SMC-ESK125


SMC-ESK125 tag is made by lead-free,non-toxic materials.Further,all the processing and production processes are fully ROHS-compliant.The product code format is in SMC4001 (Proprietary code) in full compliance with...

Bluetooth RFID Reader

Product Number: SMC-BT125


luetooth RFID reader is mainly used to read RFID tags, and enable transferring and editing of data via Bluetooth to a smart phone (Windows Mobile5.0 above/Android platform) or PC (Windows XP and above)...

Dynamic NFC Module


Enables communication link between electronic devices and smart phone , ability to read.I²C & UART interfaces are compatible with most electronic devices ....

Portable RFID Dongle A134/A125

Product Number:A134/A125


Replace your existing traditional RFID readers with iHoin RFID dongle capable of reading and writing RFID tags just via your phone.With our RFID dongle inserted via 3.5mm audio port into the mobile device. The mobile device dynamically turns into a fully capable portable RFID tag reader/writer.....