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Tony Liu
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E-techco Group has been committed to the "intelligent services lead healthy new life" health management service concept. AnyCheck health management system ( provides personalized "health management" cloud services for target user groups such as the elderly, the chronic diseases patients with hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as the subhealthy crowd. "Let patients live longer, let Chinese people afford to grow old and let share with the world” is E-techco Group’s pursuing target. Building enterprise core competitive ability attentively, using international scientific management method and global medical technology resources to promote enterprise's social value, aiming to promote the improvement of medical care in the whole society to make continuous efforts and forge ahead, realizing E-techco Group’s China dream - human being’s health dream.


Multi-function Self-Diagonal Station


AnyCheck Management Service Operation

AnyCheck mobile health management system includes five main parts: ① sensor (collector), collect a variety of human signs and physiological parameters; ② signal processing and transmission tools, mobile terminal (portable cell phone or PDA, etc.) easily handle real-time data from various parts of the body, and use the Internet (wired or wireless) upload data to data center; ③ data center, has cloud platforms (server farms) with a huge data capacity and strong analysis capabilities, providing data storage, data mining and information display; ④ query and display devices, mobile terminal via a mobile wireless network to receive and display analysis results of the assessment; ⑤when necessary, doctor direct consult or manual intervention.


O2O Health Management Service Operation

AnyCheck O2O Chronic Disease Prevention & Intervention Center was established by the Shenzhen municipal health authorities. It is a collection of body examination, disease warning, keeping good health guidance and chronic disease intervention modern center which managed by Shenzhen E-techco Group. AnyCheck O2O Chronic Disease Prevention & Intervention Center, based on integrative theory of western and eastern, integrates traditional Chinese health theory and advanced European and American health management theory, from aspects of diet, exercise, sleep, keeping a good health, medication guidance and others to provide professional and high-end services to sub-health groups, chronic disease patient group, nursed group after hospital, beauty face, body and aging prevention group.

AnyCheck Chronic Disease Prevention & Intervention Center is an important part of AnyCheck health management. It is similar to clinics and hospital’s outpatient department, but different in: diagnosis is not medication plan, treatment plan or surgery program, but dietary prescription, exercise prescription, sleep prescription, keeping good health prescription etc., including long-term planning, implementation methods and considerations. AnyCheck Chronic Disease Prevention & Intervention Center services include routine body examination, rehabilitation training, Chinese medicine treatment, doctors interrogation, psychological counseling, diet counseling, exercise counseling, sleep counseling, home health care, etc., providing health assessment, TCM treatments, daily behavioral interventions (such as on-site education, presentations, coaching and experience) for the majority of sub-health and chronic disease .


AnyCheck Remote Images Viewing Service Operation

AnyCheck second opinion service is based on major diseases, or suffer accidental injury and has received diagnosis (that is, the first medical advice), when you have questions about the diagnosis of medical imaging (e.g. CT, MRI, etc.) or need the three party’s confirmation, you can transfer images via the Internet to AnyCheck health information platform, then provide you with leading remote medical imaging service organization second opinion services. We will promptly give authoritative and accurate second opinion so that you can understand disease and make more accurate judgments.


AnyCheck Cloud Service Operation

Through portable collection devices to collect health data (including body temperature, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc.). AnyCheck intelligent health platform terminals, such as computers, TV set-top boxes, smart phones, etc., can automatically obtain and store health data through home networking. Meanwhile, AnyCheck health management network platform can be synchronized to obtain family health store data terminals and storage to personal electronic health records. AnyCheck health management platform with its own assessment model of disease base on health records information and real-time uploaded data, then automatically assess user's body. When test data is abnormal, the system immediately gives alarm, meanwhile information will be sent to the elderly and their children.