Tony Liang
Tony Liang
Sales/Marketing Director at United Integrated Services
New Taipei, Taiwan
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About United Integrated Services (UIS):

UIS was founded at 1982 and headquartered in Taipei Taiwan, currently UIS is a public company with over 600 staffs employed in the worldwide. By providing the cutting-edge wireless technologies, UIS is very experienced and focusing on providing wireless home security, automation and surveillance etc. product solutions. UIS Wireless Security System is a turnkey smart home system, including but not limited to Gateway, Sensor, Controller, Panel, Transducer and IP camera. By providing broad range of wireless ZigBee products, UIS is trying to change the smart home world and to be an one-stop-shop IoT solution provider. All products have passed FCC/CE certifications and also fully complied to RoHS standard.

Electro Optical Dept.:

UIS Electro Optical Division was funded in July, 2003 and led by Dr. David O’ Chang who dedicated his professionalism in Infrared missile tracing system (Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology / Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan). Based on the fundamental ideas of electrical, optical, medical with In-House R&D, UIS was capable of creating many IR related high tech products.

Therapy System-

  • p_la1200.jpg LA-1200
  • p_la400.jpg LA-400
  • LA-200I.png LA-200-I
  • la200_250.jpg LA-200-II

Thermal and Temperature Monitoring-

  • IT-85-1.jpg IT-85
  • SP9000MB.pngSPECTRUM9000MB
  • P-32

Wireless Security System Dep.:

UIS Wireless Security System(WSS) department is one of BUs in UIS group which is very focusing on wireless home security / automation / surveillance solutions. By supporting few of patent pending wireless technologies, we are changing the smart home world and providing an one-stop-shop solution to enable a fully wireless security home network.

By providing a turnkey system, we have broad range of wireless products including but not limited to Gateway, Sensor, Controller, Panel and IP camera. All products have passed FCC / CE certification and also fully complied with RoHS standard

Product Type-

  • Network
  • Console
  • Sensor
  • Switch


  • Replica Watches
  • Anti-Disaster
  • Door Lock Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Emergency Alert
  • Video Live View
  • Event-Triggered Recording