Tony Jian
Tony Jian
Senior Sales Engineer at Bonotec Electronic Materials
Shanghai, China
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Bonotec Electronic Materials is an adhesive solution provider which specializes in packaging and bonding in the electronics field. Our products are widely used across numerous industries with a focus on electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging.

Starting from 2009, Bonotec’s industry leading ExBond series have been widely adopted in die-attach and assembly . ExBond has exceeded its peers not only in performance, but also stability/consistency/reliability by far. Thanks to/ With its strong in-house R&D capabilities, Bonotec has effectively developed a solution to reconcile conflicting issues surrounding adhesive-performance and compatibility(challenges?). In addition, Bonotec has successfully penetrated new market segments previously occupied by foreign brands, and is now a well-known national brand (in the domestic market). Bonotec has continuously increased both in size and revenue annually. In 2011, we added ExSilica (silicone adhesive) and ExSeal (Sealant) to further advance/strengthen/enrich our product portfolio and meet our clients’ needs. Furthermore, we will continue to carefully manage our supply chain, provide significant values to our suppliers and clients, and put more efforts in developing applications for various types of advanced packaging solutions. Going forward, Bonotec will strive for further growth and continuous expansion of our platform, in order to refine our products, improve our operational flows and efficiency, extend our technical support, and provide more innovative solutions and improvements. At the same time, we will also look into other market segments to identify opportunities for potential clients in need of our cutting-edge products and real-time service. We sincerely look forward to working with you to explore new opportunities and achieve greater value together.


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