Tony Cheng
Tony Cheng
CEO at Chainmeans Technology
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: Chainmeans Technology


  • Developing IoT active products, assist in traditional industry lean-in IoT technology;
  • customize IoT store expending, applied IoT products, outside demo design, relevant software design, Apps development, product authentication.

ABOUT Chainmeans Technology:

Chainmeans Technology Company Ltd. (Chainmeans Tech) is using IoT (Internet of Things) technology and customized service to provide total solutions for customer’s needs.

Chainmeans Tech was founded by industry engineers with international experience in 2005. IoT technology is developing very fast and Chainmeans Tech has had a shift from the traditional SI business model to software and hardware product development. Our main clients also are shifting from informational integration to traditional manufacturers’ of IoT. Chainmeans Tech is directly connecting customers and IoT, which can provide clients competitive products, productivity, and efficiency. Chainmeans Tech will continue to focus on the latest technology trends and maturity. Chainmeans Tech also evaluates for the perfect timing, concentrates on customers’ projects, and provides only the best service and customer care.

In 2014 Chainmeans Tech launched the “Ensoul” brand. Ensoul’s true focus is the business of designing: product design, function design, model product design, and user’s interface design. All of these processes including Brand’s believe, quality and value. Chainmeans Tech and Ensoul assure that dedicated product design will meet every user’s expectation.


We can provide you with customized services,from product design to exterior body graphics and production,development of software and firmware.

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service_2.pngIC Design

service_3.png Industrial Design

service_4.png App Design