Tomasz Wykowski
Tomasz Wykowski
Sales Director at ZMorph
San Francisco, United States
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ZMORPH – Personal Fabricator more than a 3D printer !

The design of the Zmorph 3D printer was created in 2012 as a modification of the RepRap open source printer project. The main objective of the project was to make 3D printing technology available to users unfamiliar with programming, electronics or mechanics, but who use ways of prototyping for their own products. Implementation of an open 3D printing FFF technology (Fused Filament Fabrication), or layering of liquid plastic, will allow many artists , architects, designers and sculptors and the rest of the designers to accelerate the development of their ideas.

ZMorph printer is a device for the production of digital objects using 3D printing techniques.Through the easy use of our dedicated software Voxelizer , the user is able to materialize an objects previously designed digitally in any CAD program . The printers design and software evolved intensely, passing several prototype stages, changing under the influence of improvements experienced during everyday use. Form, functionality of components and unique printer tool-heads were dedicated to the needs of the ordinary user. A unique feature of ZMorph personal fabricator, consists of easy interchangeability of tool heads, which allows you to use the same machine for the production of objects with different materials. Already at this time the company produces extruders for plastics, cakes and chocolates , ceramics, and mount for a mini CNC tool-head. The plans are for further six tool heads, including the dual extruder. Easy modification causes, compared to other devices, the horizon of Zmorph to be extended to technologies for producing objects that only arise in the future, together with its features such as ergonomics and innovative design it confirms its maturity.



ZMorph 2.0S CNC SET

ZMorph CNC Set is dedicated for makers and prototypers. It allows engraving, cutting and milling in 2D and 3D. In contrast to the standard ZMorph extruders for plastic printing, CNC PRO Toolhead is subtracting material and can cut through plastic PVC, wood, plywood, plexiglass, PCB boards, carbon fiber, machining wax and other similar materials. Use dedicated CNC workflow in Voxelizer Software with for easy model editing and get your work done within minutes.



ZMorph 2.0S is an innovative hybrid 3D printer, designed to use multiple techniques and materials for office, school and home digital fabrication. Combined with our dedicatedVoxelizer Software and interchangeable toolheads system, ZMorph is a true mini-factory that fits on a desk. Precise Printing Set allows you to create detailed 3D prints with 0.2 mm exchangeable extruder nozzle.

Plastic Extruder 3.00mm


ZMorph 3.00 extruder for plastic is basic toolhead for 3D printing. This extruder can print with most thermoplastic materials available on the market. Thanks to Voxelizer Software 3D printing is really easy. For printing use any 3.00(2.85)mm plastic filament like PLA, ABS, HIPS and others.