Tom Wu
Tom Wu
Sales Manager at Ningbo Hicon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Ningbo, China
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Ningbo Hicon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, established in December 2009, and located in Hangzhou Bay New Zone 300000 square meters of Hicon industrial park. Our company belongs to Ningbo Hicon International Industry Co, Ltd. Our company is a new high technology enterprise which produces consumer digital batteries, polymer li-ion power battery, polymer li-ion power battery (set) and research, develop, product, sales in advanced energy storage system.

   Relying on the talent and resource advantage of the Yangtze Delta Region and the financial support by Hicon Group, our company plans to be a technology leading, high quality, products spread all over the world new energy company in three years. Ningbo icon New Energy Technology co., Ltd has completed technology innovation mechanism and creation system. We employ many talents and people who have professional technical. In addition, our company purchases many first-class equipments and production lines.

 Our company already builds 15 million Ah li0ion battery and 5 millions Ah li-ion power battery production lines. We produce several types li-ion battery products and apply to industry production, transportation, national defense, instruments and consumer electronics. Our products through the relevant departments of security and get the highly evaluated by the authorities. At the same time, our company also can design and manufacture different kinds of advanced energy storage system. Our company provides the energy storage solutions to some customers need special power energy storage.

 Our company Lithium Ion Battery separate in four Series: medium and small capacity, large capacity, high rate discharge and power dedicated products. Products are widely used in mobile phones, MP3, MP4, GPS, Laptop, aircraft model, toys, miner's lamp, solar wind energy storage, electric cars, car powered and AGV, etc. At the same time also can according to customer's requirement to make products. We through reliable quality, considerate service and reasonable price, rapid delivery, and advanced methods gain the trust and support from our customers.

  The concept of our company Hicon New Energy Technography Co., Ltd is " Humanist, Practical , leading technology, contribute society" with other different company to create and revolute new technology. Make contribution to society can build green energy society.


(1) Power battery pack


(2) Energy Storage


(3) Medium capacity cell

(4) Large capacity cell

(5) High-rate discharge

(6)Miner's lamp series