Tom Matsuda
Tom Matsuda
COO / Marketing Director at Quadcept Inc.
Osaka, Japan
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Company Website: Quadcept Inc.

Quadcept provides innovative E-CAD Software for Schematic Capture and PCB Layout which you only pay a monthly or annual fee, no hidden costs. No initial, maintenance, or version upgrade fee. For non-commercial usage, Quadcept provides "Community Version" for free.



We are leading the EDA industry to cloud based era where you get to use your tools only when you need it.

It's time to stop making capital investments on expensive CAD systems.

Great Cost Performance

Sure you can get high end tools if you pay the big ticked price.

Customers Come First

We try our best to implement customer feedback we receive from all over the world.

We would like to look from the customer's perspective and enhance features as well as the user interface.


We strive to be innovative and impact the EDA industry by developing unique cloud based CAD tools that can be used anytime, anywhere.


Cutting edge UI

Extremely user friendlyā€ˇ

Circuit Designer

Schematic design tool Circuit Designer is a robust tool for circuit designers that helps with various design stages. Circuit Designer offers features such as Auto & Parallel Wiring that accelerates the design process and Device Block that allows you to use existing data efficiently. It also includes ERC and DRC as well as means to effectively communicate with PCB layout engineers.

PCB Designer

PCB Designer has many features that allow speedy and accurate layout. You can customize Design Rule check for specific nets. PCB Designer also includes MRC (Manufacturing Rule Check) and SI simulation.