Tom Carlton
Tom Carlton
National Sales Manager at Vitex Packaging Group
Nashville, United States
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Company Website: Vitex Packaging Group

Vitex Packaging Group, a printer converter in Suffolk, Virginia. We started in the tea business in 1954 and have continued to service both large and small companies in North America and Internationally (Asia & the Middle East). We have the capability of running up to 9 colors on several presses and have upgraded our plate-making, sliiting, and pouching capabilities which have allowed us to expand into the medical, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, and food and beverage markets.

Vitex has the technology, skills, and resources to provide innovative, cost-effective packaging solutions to the medical, food, and beverage contract manufacturing markets. We specialize in producing top quality, innovative packaging components for food and medical packaging and many of the world’s leading tea and coffee brands.

We are a preferred and growing supplier to over 200 customers due to our speed of delivery, management of multiple SKUs, quality, consistency, customer service, and technical support. Vitex is primarily a printer converter, but will source products and services where necessary to satisfy customer needs.


block-scopeblock-ftirVitex Packaging Group’s technical services combine technical expertise with a customer focus. With our analytical facilities we can analyze the complex substrates to meet your needs.


We offer a wide selection of stock substrates including:

A variety of paper-poly-foil-poly PET/foil/PE, in white or silver Economical high barrier clear PET/PE MET PET/PE PET/white PE And more

We have several exciting new product developments underway to address sustainability and to broaden our product-line capabilities; contact us to learn more.


Vitex Packaging Group has a dedicated Graphic Design Specialist who will work closely with you to ensure the design and layout of your product meets your expectations. We work with the leader in advanced-flexo plate technology ensuring your files meet all standards before going to press. With our in-house plate making, we are able to provide you with shorter lead times than our competitors.


Paper Paperboard Paper/Poly/Foil/Poly laminations Paper/Adhesive/Foil Paper Film laminations Film/Foil/Film laminations Film/Film laminations PET


Flexographic process printing up to nine colors In-line & Central Impression Presses Short Run/Multiple SKUs In-line die-cutting Surface printing Adhesives (heat and cold seal) Gravure Coatings Registered adhesive coatings Water-based or UV Varnish Applications Water-based ink systems Chemical/Heat Resistant Inks/Varnishes FDA Approved Inks 100% web monitoring systems


Mono to multiple-layer structures including Tyvek Pouches from 1 × 1 ½ ” to 45 × 33” Chevron Stand-up (Side or Bottom Gussets) Zipper Shaped Fold over Peelable Tamper evident Hang holes Multiple webs Double sided tape Corner Peel Perforations Tear notches


Full range of envelope and tags for tea packaging equipment (Constanta, IMA, Tecnomeccanica, MAISA, FUSO, Teamac) Foil Liners Filter Paper Earplug overwrap Top Tabs Chevron Stand-up (Side or Bottom Gussets) Zipper Shaped Fold over Peelable Tamper evident Hang holes