Tom Allen
Tom Allen
Projects Manager - Client and Business Development at Cross the Pacific Limited
Hong Kong
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The best way to describe ourselves is as problem solvers. Internally we consider it unacceptable to confront a problem without at least one suggestion about how to potentially solve it. This is exactly the type of conversation we want to bring to your discussions. An open dialogue will lead us to different and unique product creations that will ultimately enrich your client's experience.

Waht WE DO

Simply put, it's a whole lot of fun. There are almost no limits to what we can help accomplish and create. People all over the world have visions of creating something new, but the task of manufacturing and sourcing can be daunting to an individual or group who doesn't have the experience of doing so. We eliminate that inexperience, turn the unknown into the known, and help people accomplish their visions. All you need to do is reach out and have a conversation.

CTP Ltd. provides services in three specific areas, product invention, manufacturing agent and manufacturing consultancy. More specifically, we specialize in precision moulding, quality control and electronic design that covers medical grade plastics, children's toy and consumer electronics.

Total project management is at the forefront of Hong Kong HQ’s in-house capability. CTP is skilled in all areas of fast moving consumer goods, from design to delivery, marketing and product launch. We have a team of expert in-house engineers that specialize in both electronic and mechanical disciplines, as well as an entire lineup of QC specialists. Collectively they cover the entire spectrum of process involved in the manufacturing of hardware.

We provide technical schematic designs, component selection and PCBA layout, and prototype PCB fabrication with mounting and sodering. CTP is proficient in injection mold design, product-cost evaluation knowhow, and can improve overall manufacturability. Our diligent logistical support enforces reliable milestone tracking in parallel with the checking and reaffirmation of timelines and scheduling. Furthermore, we conduct in-depth and diligent contract manufacturing audits during the initial stages of vendor selection. An integral part of that selection not only includes our intense auditing process but also a mathematical approach to vendor costing negotiations, ensuring clients get the most out of dollars spent.

On top of our skills in-house, CTP has the ability to expand its value added through a worldwide network of strategic partnerships developed over decades. Types of supplementary skill sets accessible through professional contacts include, but are not limited to the following:

Computer Programming

SMT Bonding

3D Printing (high resolution resin SLA output)

Temporary Moulds (vacuum casting)

4 Point Turn Illustration Creation

Clay Model Sculpture Creation