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G-TECH Optoelectronics Co. has devoted its expertise in the optoelectronics industry for nearly two decades. We focus on developing core technology,new & advanced technologies and have won the recognition of numerous international brand vendors.


Optoelectronic Glass

Gtoc is the largest glass processing service provider in Taiwan. We further began mass-production of 3D Forming Glass in recent years, to expand the applications of optoelectronic glass from the usual consumer electronic products to the machine case, automobiles, daily commodities, specialty molds, etc. With the advanced core technology of 3D Forming Glass, Gtoc explores beyond the consumer electronics field. We not only provide services for our existing brand customers but also offer consumers a more convenient and delicate technological life style.

Architectural Glass

After establishing the leading position in the optoelectronics field, Gtoc announced to re-enter architecture market with the aims of creating a comfortable and energy-saving life environment. We devote to promoting the green architectural glass products, including Low-E energy-saving glass, tempered paint glass, Easy clean & Fog-proof SmartMirror. We also provide surface processing of all kinds of architectural glass, as well as the processing manufacturing services including tempering, shaping, laminating, insulating.

Competitive Advantages

Gtoc is the leading vendor in the optoelectronic glass processing market. The company is the best and top priority partner of global brand manufacturers especially in ultra-large & ultra-thin glass as well as special customized standard glass processing.


The competitive advantages of Gtoc includes´╝Ü

Total-solution processing capacity and products

We have the complete glass processing production line and capacity, from cutting, polishing, slimming, tempering, precision coating and 3D forming, with the most complete and largest-scale glass processing manufacturing service in the world.

Leading technology

Gtoc takes the lead in developing next-generation leading-edge coating and 3D Forming Glass to satisfy customers need for more creative applications.

Outstanding manufacturing ability

Gtoc is the leading supplier with the quality and capacity which satisfy the quality and quantity needs of customers.

Indepth knowledge of market trends

Gtoc, the subsidiary Of Hon-Hai Group, is recognized by global first-tier brand customers and always keep fingers firmly on the market pulse. Our products are used in a broad variety of applications including consumer electronics and non-consumer electronics segments such as architectures, automobiles.


(1) Slimming Technology for optical glass

(2) Chemical Strengthening Technology for optical glass

(3) ITO Coating glass

(4) Cover Glass for mobile phone,display

(5) 3D forming case for mobile phone,car

(6) Sunergy Low-E architectural glass