Tim Chen
Tim Chen
Technical Business Development Manager at Rochester Optical(Shenzhen) Limited
Shenzhen, China
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About Rochester Optical:

Rochester Optical is had a long history of lens and frame manufacturing even before President and CEO Patrick Ho acquired the company in 1990. Maintaining its roots as one of few remaining US frame manufacturers, Rochester Optical has grown exponentially since, and in multiple directions: adding a full service optical lab, wholesale operations, retail stores, expanding military contracts, and investing in Research and Development, the company has evolved into the Rochester Optical you know today – a one-of-a-kind, privately-owned optical company, focused on community, development, and innovation.

Most recently, Rochester Optical’s Smart Solutions initiatives have taken the wearable world by storm; earning national accolades for their proprietary Smart GOLDTM lens technology, Smart Safety Z87 rated products, and Smart Frame designs, Rochester Optical is the optical expert when it comes to smart glasses. Smart GOLDTM is the most advanced digital free-form lens optimized for smart glasses on the market, virtually eliminating distortion, eye fatigue and strain, and providing the clearest vision possible.


Smart GOLD™ is the most advanced digital free-form lens optimized for smart glasses. Using our proprietary lens technology and the latest digital free form fabrication, Smart GOLD virtually eliminates distortion, eye fatigue and strain, and provides the clearest vision possible.


Greater visual clarity and less eyestrain and fatigue mean users can wear and use their smart glasses for longer periods of time.

Smart GOLD™ prescription lenses are engineered for the unique visual demands of smart glasses and offer more than standard lenses. For monocular devices, we create an additional, optimized optical center where the display is viewed and compensate to balance binocular vision to eliminate prismatic effect and off axis aberrations. For binocular devices, our calculated compensation resolves the discrepancy between the fixed device PD and user’s individual PD.

State-of-the-art, full-service optical lab

Invested in the latest digital free form lens manufacturing technology and in-house AR coating to offer the most advanced products on the market, we are committed to quality and to helping our customers grow.

Serving our armed forces

Since the 1930s, Rochester Optical’s reputation for service and quality has won ongoing contracts with the Department of Defense with rugged, combat-ready military eyeglasses.

Optimal functionality, superior comfort, and the clearest possible vision

We brought the first Z87+ rated, Rx-ready safety products for smart glasses to the workplace, and have a long history of providing standard safety services to leading manufacturers.