Teresa Jhan
Teresa Jhan
Senior Administrator at Fortune Grand Technology Inc.
Taoyuan, Taiwan
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Fortune Grand Technology Inc. is a highly reputed manufacturer of quality audio products with years of experience. With excellent research and development capabilities and emphasis on continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, we are able to stay ahead of the market with our cutting-edge product - ultra-thin speakers. In addition, we are the world-leading supplier of notebook speakers with over 50% market share.

Our headquarter is located in Taiwan with factories in East, South, and Central China. We employ over 12.000 global personnel. We recruit the best electro-acoustic talents, focus on effective and rapid capacity, and we hold a range of patents in Taiwan, China, and the US, and these initiatives have made us one of the leading electro-acoustic product suppliers in the world.

We are pioneering the expansion of all sorts of applications of ultra-thin electro-acoustic products. We go beyond speakers for notebooks, ultrabooks, tablet PCs, smartphones, and LCD, as we are innovating to achieve ultra-thin applications that provide new user experiences. We are currently investing in the development of consumer electro-acoustic products, including high-end headphones and speaker systems, with the aim to grow the business.

As the global leader in ultra-thin electro-acoustic products, we pursue the highest quality and design. Being fans of great sound quality, we know the needs and concerns of our customers, and therefore we will be your first-choice supplier.