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Company Website: TUMSAS A.S.

TUMSAS offers technological solutions for customer experience management...

TUMSAS offers the most compatible solutions to its consumers as technological products and provides after sales services for these products to simplify life. TÜMSAS seeks to introduce the latest technology with the highest quality and advantages to maximize customer satisfaction through its widespread service network.

TUMSAS has a wide experience on customer flow management systems and self- service kiosk solutions. New version of customer flow management systems S-MATIK Ver 4.0 is basing on a cloud and wifi based infrastructure, having the options of third party application (CRM, HR, Banking Systems etc) integrations.

TUMSAS is also developing different kind of self-service kiosk solutions having different functions, like payment, application processes, phone for call center and just for info kiosks according to the customer requirements. For examle Cheque Scanner Kiosk is a self service solution for bank customers to scan their cheques by themselves.