TDP Team
TDP Team
Executive at Taiwan DSC PV Ltd.
Taoyuan, Taiwan
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Taiwan DSC PV Ltd. (TDP) was established in 2011, focusing on both DSC flexible and rigid module technology development and turnkey solution total package.  TDP has successfully managed DSC key technology, with multiple patents and know-how.

For rapid growth of IoT, TDP aims to combine the core concept of mobile energy with self-powered technology, powering the devices without battery or extending battery life.  Various applications have been developed and identified with TDP solution to fulfill the significant industrial demand.

What is Dye Sensitized Cell Technology?

Dye-sensitized cell technology, is a type of third generation photovoltaic technology.  It is composed of two conductive electrodes, nano-porous TiO2, dyes, electrolytes, and conductive electrodes.


DSC Is The Best Self-powered Solution of Energy Harvesting Technology

DSC is a visible light energy harvesting device. It does not require energy from direct irradiance but only the normal environment or indoor light can drive the device. DSC is the best self-powered solution of wireless device of indoor and outdoor.

A study from Texas Instrument for the thin-film solar cell comparison reports under indoor light, the cost and efficiency of the silicon based cell for direct sunlight is better than DSC, but when under indoor or weak outdoor lighting, comparison to silicon base solar cells, DSC’s power density reaches more than double.

(Figure: Texas Instruments, 13560 N. Central Expressway, MS 3747, Dallas, TX 75243, USA.)


What We provide - Powering The Wireless Device Without Batteries

Although the explosive growth of IoT provides a more convenient lifestyle to people, most of the embedded wireless devices still require batteries for power solution. At the moment, users experience annoying irregular maintenance, unreliable systems, and of course the related cost with environmental concern under such traditional battery solutions. To overcome those issues, TDP develops a unique solution by powering IoT devices without battery. The significant advantages of TDP self-powered solutions are easy integration, no maintenance needed, and total cost of ownership is 66% lower than traditional battery solution.

We are certain that the positive cycle by DSC supply chain will complement each other to enhance the development of IoT.  For more information about us, please visit our website at