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Company Website: HWBC Inc.


HWBC is business solution accelerator that assist hardware startups to go to global markets by product planning consulting, marketing and sales agency, crowdfunding and pre-order, distribution in global market such as in Korea and Southeast Asia.



  • HWBC Services

1. Product Planning Consulting

Feasibility analysis and establishment of Implementation strategy for the product-based business of hardware start-up

- Marketability evaluation

. Target customer analysis

. Key feature definition

. Cost analysis, target market pricing as a MSRP and PLC quantity forecast

※ PLC (Product Life Cycle), MSRP (The manufacturer's suggested retail price)

- Value Chain Partner Sourcing

. Mass production-based product design

. Mass production partners and prototype production

. Plan establishment of certification and delivery

2. Marketing & Sales Agency

Increase sales and brand building through establishing and implementing pre/post marketing strategy

- Communication strategy development

- Contents creation

- Media campaign management

- Account management

- Negotiation of terms and condition

- Sales & operation-based sell-out forecasting

3. Crowdfunding and Pre-order

Continuous project launch on crowdfunding platforms in United States, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

- Project planning / management consulting and agency services

4. Global Distribution

- Sales & Distribution through ‘Buy & Sell’-based Authorized Dealership program

- Sales store in on/off-line through direct purchase of mass production

- Operation cost saving in response to logistics and customer service

- Bargaining power enforcement through package deal with various startup products

  • Success Case : VAGO

This is an campaign in my platform cooperated with Creation Cell, a Taiwan company, which raised funds successfully in Kickstarter.

In my website, its pre-order and marketing were successful. Their business also was progressed in Korea successfully.

Based on understanding Korea market, we provided pre-order, marketing, certification, shipping, lastly distribution in Korea and Southeast Asia.

- OZR Pre-Order Link - OZR Facebook Link


About HWBC Inc.

HWBC is consist of more than 10 years experienced experts in charge of product strategy, global marketing and sales, and supply chain management in Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.

Start-up alone cannot afford all the hardware process by itself. There are many steps that the start-up handles: project planning, market research, product development, mass production, quality assurance, market entry, and sales and distribution.

We will provide business solution acceleration that support the process and know-how that are operated by Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.