Tal Rozenberg
Tal Rozenberg
Marketing and Business Development at R.H. Electronics
Nazareth-Illit, Israel
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R.H. Technologies Group serves as a primary contractor in the manufacturing and assembly of electronic systems and assemblies, as part of outsourcing agreements with customers in the advanced technology field, which engage in the development, design and marketing of the final product.

In addition, the Group manufactures equipment, metal kits and machining parts for various systems. These services are provided both as a complementary service to the Group’s activity as a primary contractor in the manufacturing of electronic systems and as a standalone service for companies that engage in the manufacture and assembly of other systems.

The products manufactured by R.H. Technologies Ltd. include wireless communication systems, Internet communication systems, communication junction boxes, webcams, home protection systems, junction boxes for cable television companies, medical systems, electronic modules and cabinets for industrial machines, modules for aerospace and military systems and more.

The products of the Group, most of which are intended for marketing around the world, are integrated with the customers’ final product, and are often utilized as a final product


Rh allows its customers to enjoy an the entire production chain under a single roof

  • Production of electronics cards using the world’s most advanced equipment and manufacturing measures, using high technology that includes the use of VALOR software for con- trolling production processes and quality, and using computerized vision devices for process control and inspection.
  • A range of production, integration, testing and packing lines that are adapted to customer product technologies and needs.
  • Transformation of a development product file to a production file (DFM – Design for Manufacturing)
  • Design for testing – DFT
  • Design and production of test equipments ac- cording to the product requirements
  • Transfer support from new development to mass production, including purchasing of elements
  • Manufacturing of all parts of the product using the Group’s companies capabilities
  • Tests at the card, assembly and complete system level
  • Forwarding the finished product to customer destinations and to the end user sites


Rh is always looking to expand itself into new horizons looking for the unknown and creating the future of us all

Over the years we gained experience and professionalism on a large verity of fields and situated ourselves at the top of manufacturing based on our vision We strive for greatness in order to give our clients the best quality at unbeatable Technology and personal approach.We at rh believe that perfection is achieved as a result of partnership and we welcome you to our on going grossing family.

Medical Sector

  • Specialization in leaser and esthetics medical devices including a special medical devices site at the USA and FDA approved.
  • HMLV – LMHV capabilities

Military & Aerospace sector

  • Military Grade PCB Design, manufacturing and assemblies both manually and automated alongside a specific designated SMT lines for the defense industry.
  • Approved defense manufacturing site by the state of Israel.
  • Full Turn Key manufacturing of systems and metal works for defense purposes.

Industrial applications Sector

  • Semiconductor assemblies capabilities
  • Green technologies expertise at water and agriculture systems
  • Solar and alternate energies systems
  • Industrial printing machinery systems

Communications sector

  • Advance telecommunications manufacturing, engineering and design.
  • Satellite and global communication systems



13 Valor managed SMT lines that have 47 placement machines with integrative quality process and inspection

Ability to place all component types, to a scope of 100 million placements per month.
Sophisticated solder printing machines with solder volume and location control measurements.
Modern reflow ovens with computerized graduated, controlled heating and forced cooling.

6 wave soldering and selective soldering lines for work using leaded solder technologies and lead- ed free technologies according to the RoHS and REACH directives.

High end Assembly

Integration departments for functional and final tests, which include engineers, practical engineers and technicians who perform full, comprehensive final tests, from the stage of subassemblies to finished systems, including analysis of findings and support of customer

Products that are field returned for service, using a range of dedicated technologies (V.O.D., RF, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, MW, Telecom, Wireless, Laser, Light, and others).


Rh ensures excellent quality and service for its customers through the personal service provided to them by a project manager who accompanies the solution planning and production process at all stages, with the assistance of a customer relation management system

At the same time, the production lines at rh are monitored by a quality team consisting of skilled, qualified inspectors, who utilize some of the world’s most advanced test methodologies and devices

Complete (100%) Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and Paste Inspection and Con- trolled (POI) at component assembly stage production according to IPC standards at industrial and aerospace levels.
Computerized visual sampling tests in accordance with the ISO 2859 standard and ANSI.