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SVV is a hardware accelerator that provides startups access exclusive engineering and hardware testing equipment including a reliability test lab, EMI/EMC lab, SMT Line and pilot run production line. We also give you access to our world class team of 40+ experienced engineers that we dedicate to the startups that we work with to expedite and enhance the hardware development process. We've create the perfect environment to develop your hardware company.








Engineering Service Program

Manufacturing quality hardware at startup sized order quantities is one of the biggest challenges that face young hardware companies. Most of the time, hardware founder’s early designs do not allow them to to be mass produced should you sell a large number of units.

This is where our Engineering Service Program comes in.


We help you prototype and build your product from several units all the way to hundreds of units, with full scale capability including PCB layout, SMT, ME build, assembly and test.


With our team of experienced engineers who have worked with clients like Xioami to Huawer we cover all the major development cycles (EVT, DVT, PVT and UL/FCC/CE/EMC certification)

There is a quite a general misunderstanding to the scope and timing of DFM and many startups put it on hold until they feel they are ready to go to China for production. If you wait this long it is usually too late and most often startups end up with dramatic delays and expenses.

We make sure that you avoid these issues.

In a startup’s point of view, DFM should be viewed as “Design For Mass Delivery,” instead of Design For Manufacturing, the whole purpose is how to the produce and deliver in mass.

In this regard, the design should take as thorough consideration as possible to all the elements that may affect delivery in mass, including parts lead time, overall cost control to hit the right market price and off course, manufacturing friendly for higher daily yield and corresponding lower assembly cost. The DFM considerations should always be part of the R&D throughout the whole development cycle, instead of only a single serial link of the development.

This logic explains the core reason for most of the delays: when startups feel they are ready to go to China for production arrangement, with the expectation of finishing DFM process quickly with their CM, but end up realizing there are substantial issues that either overturn the design structure, or proceed with risks, either of the situation almost equals to a major delay.

SVV is designed as the resource to help startups to do things right in the first place, instead of doing it over and over again.

SVV Pilot Run Program

The pilot run for a startup is quite different than pilot runs from established brands. Owing to limitation of resources, the design capability of a startup usually is far less mature and the pilot run is more for a final design validation to spot potential problems in your early products.

For this reason, we have custom tailored a pilot run program specifically for startups. This system consists of full line of ME/EE/cosmetic/test machinery and equipment, right in our Shenzhen office building, so that problems found during the pilot run can be fixed on site with the machines. The luxury of setting up this system one site at our facility (which includes office and factory space) also allows a much easier access and more involvement for your startup’s engineering team while working with SVV engineers._mg_0749_hdr

This program will not only deliver the product itself, but more importantly, it comes with a detailed analysis report by our NPI engineers for the major potential design issues spotted during the pilot run, so that startup can improve their design before they move to mass production.

Cross Border Marketing Program

DFM is one of the hardest steps in building a hardware company, but once you overcome that you need to be able to grow and scale your company.

With our marketing service we have marketing teams in the US as well as China that focus on early traction for hardware companies. With the proven capability of ensuring delivery, we’ve secured strategic partnerships with channels like Indiegogo in the US, and in China, to give our portfolios and clients an advantage of launching their project simultaneously in US and Chinese markets.

We offer marketing strategy consulting, crowdfunding consulting, PR strategy, advertising, China turnkey localization solutions and more.

Palo Alto Working Space, Dedicated to Helping Your Company Succeed

Join a team that offers not only an unbeatable location, but the tools and connections you need to take your hardware company to the next level.

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Keep Your Startup Moving Forward

Start working in an environment that's designed for progression. Our office in Palo Alto will allow you to easily collaborate with your team members and like-minded individuals!

Conveniently Located

There are plenty of restaurants and shops within walking distance of our office. There's even an ACE hardware store less than a mile away!

Access to Hardware Tools

We have a variety of tools and equipment to cover anything from basic voltage metering to creating prototypes.

Dedicated Desks

Dedicated desks are available to those who like to concentrate a little bit more in the comfort of a private room with a whiteboard wall.

Shenzhen Basecamp Program,A Better Way to Build Hardware

For Your Company

Gain access to 40+ DFM engineers, mentorship,

machinery, and flexible co-working spaces

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

Whether you need additional help designing your product for manufacturing, or just an office for you and your team to work out of while in Shenzhen, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible Coworking Spaces

The Shenzhen basecamp program gives you a home base in Shenzhen with flexible workspace or 35,000 ft2 and 10 meeting rooms.

Weekly Mentorship Sessions

Consultations with our full time engineering staff to answer whatever questions you have during the manufacturing process.

State of the Art Machinery

Direct access to our suppliers whether you want to use them for short term, or long term engagements and access our state of the art machines and tools