Sunny Sun
Sunny Sun
Sales Manager at Tung Wing Enterprises Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Tung Wing is an Electronic Company with 10 years' experience in consumer sector, especially in the toy industries, gift and premium field. We specialize in voice module and electronic goods manufactory. Our products include: Computer Chip (IC - standard & custom made); Voice & Melody Module for any products including toys, houseware, gifts; Record & Playback Module; Infra Red Talking Mechanism; Motion Mechanism; Light / Sensor Module; Waterproof module for garment, bags, ties, sneaker and etc; Battery Operated Toys with Housing and Custom electronic components design for module, mechanism and OEM projects. We have a medium-sized factory in China, Buji, with a work force of 500 workers, which may expand to 1,000 workers during peak season. So, don't worry about our production capacity. We can handle orders of any quantity with great flexibility. Customer Design is welcome In line with the ever-changing Toys and Gifts market, we are continuously improving ourselves. Apart from supply standard products, we offer OEM service to customer with custom voice and melody chips to match specific products. With out professional services, good quality control and competitive price in electronic goods design and production, we are happy to receive inquiry and be your long-term business partner.


Piano Module


Product Code: TW-004-23A

- 23 keys piano sound

- Colorful Housing

- Can be added to simple music boardbook as tool for learning

- Measurements: 240 x 76 x 24.5mm

Sound Pad


- Measurements: 295 x 100 x 16mm

- Apply to children boardbooks, adds fun to learning

- Press to trigger the sound

- The content & length of sound on module can be tailor made

Flashing Badge


- Super-bright flashing LED

- Suitable for plush toys and various types of product

- Logo imprint is available

Flashing Trophy


- Press for light and sound

- Custom design of flashing pattern & shape

- Suitable as gifts or promotional item to mark the glory moment

Musical Key Holder


- With standard or custom voice / melody

- Suitable as gifts and promotional items

Vibration Mechanism


- Different standard vibration mechanisms are available

- Customized sound can be added on top of vibration mechanism

Memo Recorder


- Credit card size 6.5mm (H)

- Quick and easy way to record your own message

- Different design or company logo can be printed on the surface

- 10 seconds recording time or so

- Optional key chain

- Suitable as gifts and promotional items

Recording Star


- Record your own message and deliver to your beloved one

- Place your favorite photo inside the mini-photo frame

- Suitable as gifts & christmas tree decorative items

Sound Module


- Sound module suitable for plush toys or other products

- Press trigger or slammer type

- Different size and shape are available

- With standard voice or custom voice