SuLing Lin
SuLing Lin
Sales Specialist at TXC Corporation
Taipei, Taiwan
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Sales Specialist of Timing product and Sensor Manufacturer of Taiwan.


TXC Corporation, founded in 1983, is a professional frequency control an sensor solution provider. We devoted to the research, design, manufacture, promote of crystal and oscillator products. Based upon our core and cutting-edge technologies, TXC successfully expanded into diversified markets with innovative product portfolio. Our advanced products can be applied to wide variety of applications that includes but not limited to mobile communication, wearable devices, IoT, server, storage, automotive, telecommunication, and medical devices. Our goal is to enhance the added-value our esteemed customers by providing cost effective, high quality, on-time delivery, and professional products/services to exceed our customers’ expectation so as to become one of the best strategic partners. With more than 30 years effort of striving for excellence.



Quartz crystals are passive electronics components which are primarily used as resonators from sub-MHz to up to a few hundred MHz's with high stability and Q (quality factor). Quartz crystals are key piezoelectric components in electronic frequency generation and control devices/subsystems for signal timing and synchronization. Applications include military, instrumentation, telecommunication, computer, medical, consumer, and automotive devices


Crystal oscillators are active electronics components which can generate high stable frequency clock signal in the ppm (part per million) level. A crystal oscillator in general consists of a quartz crystal resonator, an IC and some additional passive components. There are different kinds of crystal oscillators for many applications, including CXO (Clock Crystal Oscillator), VCXO (Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator), TCXO (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator), OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator), and MCXO (Microcomputer-Compensated Crystal Oscillator), etc.

Real time clock modules-

Real-Time Clock module (RTC) integrates crystal and IC with oscillation circuit and calendar function into one package which provides calendar and timing functions. It fits the specific needs for smart utilities devices such as electric meters, gas meters...etc.


With unique internal structure designs, unlike the common crystal units, automotive crystals emerged from our strict quality control system with stable performance. To comply with the wide temperature range reliability requirements for the automotive-electronics industry so to achieve the ultimate goal of "zero defect".


Light Sensor is a kind of sensors which integrated Ambient Light Sensor(ALS) + Proximity Sensor(PS) + IR LED into one package. It is generally used for various consumer devices such like Smartphone, DSLR, Wearable Sport & Fitness devices…etc.

Sapphire Wafer-

Sapphire substrate can be applied to Blu-ray, ultraviolet, white LED epitaxy, and process of PSS. In accordance with customers' process requirements, TXC not only provides 2, 4, and 6 inches single-sided and double-sided polishing products, but provides the off-axis angle wafer with different surfaces for clients application.