Stone Yang
Stone Yang
Sales Manager at Sandat Electronics Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Sandat Electronics Ltd.

Sandat Electronics Ltd is the design house and Distributor of Cambridge CMOS Sensor.

Cambridge CMOS Sensor is stablished in 2008, Spin-out from Cambridge University . Completed significant funding round August 2013 to enable production ramp . Strong Patent portfolio in CMOS MEMS Micro-hotplates and sensors for high volume applications

Key Product Focus Metal Oxide (MOX) Gas Sensors the Market focus on:Consumer ambient air quality monitoring in smartphones Wearable device for health and fitness monitoring Alcohol breathalyserMedical/ Home Healthcare Breath analysis Bio-sensing Capnography Automotive Monitoring in-vehicle air quality Emissions testing & monitoring Alcohol breathalyser for Alco locks Domestic & Industrial Gas detection in smart metering hubs Products:


Cambridge CMOS Sensors MEMS Micro-hotplate technology provides a unique silicon platform for the Metal Oxide (MOX) gas sensors, enabling sensor miniaturisation, significantly lower power consumption and ultra-fast response times.

The resistive Micro-hotplates are fabricated using a high reliability silicon dioxide membrane and include an embedded tungsten heater acting as a heating element for the MOX based sensing material. The micro-hotplate can be used to heat the MOX material to up to 450°C and the electrical resistance of the MOX sensing material can be monitored to detect the target gas. With extremely fast heater cycling times, temperature modulation techniques can be used to reduce the device power consumption and implement advanced gas sensing methods, resulting in class leading gas sensing performance.

Advanced algorithms support the MOX gas sensors family, for maximum sensitivity, selectivity, drift compensation, and for self-calibration; enabling easy and timely integration into a wide range of products and applications.

Sensor Components

CCS’s Micro-hotplates provide the key technology platform for a range of sensor components. Infrared sources and detectors are used in a range of applications including; Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) gas sensing, thermometry, spectroscopy and presence detection.

Infrared (IR) Sources

The infrared sources are available in a range of optical outputs, packaging options, as well as bare die and custom-made array solutions.