Steven Liu
Steven Liu
Operation Manager at Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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ABOUT H&T Intelligent Control:

Founded in 2000, H&T is a leading electronic control system supplier to provide a comprehensive perspective design, products and services to worldwide household appliance manufacturers. The success of H&T was able to extend its business to a wide range of related industrial electronic control systems such as intelligent power tool, automobile controls and so on. With numerous innovations and more than one hundred patents, H&T is able to repeatedly help its customers make better products and integrate all designs smoothly and quickly into production.

To be a impressive company is H&T's vision. Under this guide line, it is not only to be impressive by its employees, customers, and suppliers, but also impressive by society and planet. Therefore, to create a better world through great technology and high quality innovation is a continuous process.

H&T's staff will tightly maintain the ideology of "Pilot Control Industry And Improve People's Live" in the path of non-stop development. It is to seize future by intelligence, to build resplendence by technology, we will achieve a splendid prospect of a common progress within the field and successes with all clients!


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OEM/ODM Products

Smart Health Pot


Product Category: Smart Healthcare Features1.Scientific health care,you will be healthier than ever2.Getting health principles all in control.3.By using the smartphone App,you can check the use c ...

Desktop Smart Air Purifier


Product Category: Smart Healthcare Features1、gesture sensing. 2、multiple filter plate. 3、Low Energy Bluetooth. 4、It has intelligent early warning of strainers, leads your life free from care. ...

Smart Anti-Snore Pillow


Product Category: Smart Bedroom Features1.Giving you the comfortable and quiet sleep.2.Smart snoring detection.3.App control.4.Stop snoring by slowly moving your head to lay on a comfortable p ...

Smart LED Bulb


Product Category: Smart Bedroom Features1.It can give you the most comfortable sleeping light.2.Timer switch is available, the brightness and color of illumination can be regulated by App to f ...

Smart Air Humidifier


Product Category: Smart Bedroom Features1.A sweet household environment can't be dry.2.The on-off time and run time can be set in advance which made you enjoy it any way you desire to.3.7 kind

Smart Handheld Facial Sprayer


Product Category: Smart Beauty Features1.Keep your skin humidifier not only when you want to, but also with scientific computing and statistics according to your skin type and skin data.

Smart Skin Rejuvenation Device with LED Light


Product Category: Smart Beauty Features1.Enhance the shedding of the aged and irregular aberrant cells, soften the keratin, reorder the epidermic cells while restoring the skin elasticity and ...