Steve Zeng
Steve Zeng
Manager at Longjoin Group
Dongguan, China
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ABOUT Longjoin Electronics:

Longjoin Electronics was founded on August 9, 2004, and is a new and rapidly developing electronic product manufacturing enterprise.

ISO9000 certificate was obtained in 2005, ISO14000 certificate was obtained in 2012 and TS16949 certificate was obtained in 2014 with the production equipments, control experience and capacity which meet ROHS standard. Moreover, the company is equipped with the manufacturing workshops of SMD, slotting machine, backward welding, assembling and packaging. In addition, Longjoin has advanced manufacturing and testing equipments and complete ERP management system. The company has a team of management elites who are experienced in industrial operation management for over 20 years and have been working in several international enterprises, and with engineers who have been engaged in sound design development for over 15 years that this company enjoys high brand awareness in the sound industry.

Longjoin mainly provides electronic product OEM and ODM services. The products are mainly about professional sound equipments, including power amplifier, sound console, electronic keyboard, karaoke pre-amplifier, digital processing unit, DJ Hero, education network system. The products are mainly exported to European and American countries and a part of regions in China. The main client is Beijing Zongkey Modern Technology Co., Ltd which is world famous and takes a leading role in the industry of Chinese education system.

Longjoin lays emphasis on the protection of intellectual property. About 60 patents and 4 new high-tech products have been registered. With the joint efforts of the whole personnel in this company, rapid development has been achieved. This is a new high-tech enterprise, an excellent enterprise in the national electronic information industry, the standing council enterprise of Dongguan electronics industry association, Dongguan non-public scientific and technological enterprise, Guangdong non-public scientific and technological enterprise, high-quality cooperation supplier of Canton Fair.

Longjoin set up enterprise technology association and enterprise party branch in August, 2012, respectively. Meanwhile, the annual title of 2012 Advanced Enterprise Technology Association was obtained in the beginning of 2013. The company puts emphasis on production-learning-research cooperation with a postgraduate innovation cultivation base at Harbin University of Science and Technology. At Longjoin, our goal is to strengthen clients’ and our own market competitiveness by providing with high-quality products, punctual shipment, remarkable technology and manufacturing support.

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  • Quality:Quality is everything – quality products, quality services and quality people.
  • Commitment:We treasure the trusts built with our customers.
  • Efficiency:We do the works fast and correctly.




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