Steve Schuster
Steve Schuster
CEO at Rainier Communications
Westborough, United States
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Real business results Rainier’s technology PR programs have helped hundreds of companies achieve real business results, including brand penetration, revenue growth, funding, and exits. Our clients count on us for rich strategic insight and highly creative campaigns – from startups to Fortune 500s, no other agency communicates B2B technologies like Rainier. Experienced and innovative With more than 20 years of experience creating and executing world-class PR campaigns, Rainier holds to a single operating principal: to be technically and strategically savvy enough to understand, and credibly communicate the impact of technologies to industry influencers and adopters – to tell the stories of the vast inventiveness of the human mind. Key media relationships Since Rainier first opened its doors, the dramatic evolution of the tools we use to practice tech PR is obvious. But Rainier feels strongly that some things will never change: well-developed relationships, compelling writing, proactive creativity and a passion for storytelling are still the defining characteristics of a PR agency that is radically successful for its clients. We're on your team Our team of PR professionals consistently delivers on that promise, setting high standards for our own work, and pushing ourselves to think big on behalf of our clients. No matter what the technology domain, Rainier starts from a level of comprehension – from the big picture down to the nuanced details – that is difficult for most other agencies to attain.




Rainier provides you with proactive recommendations, counsel and expertise. Our experience and broad view of the market become your strategic asset.


Rainier’s goal for media outreach is not just media volume, but media impact that communicates your key messages to the right target audiences. Before starting tactical work, Rainier works with you to create rock-solid messages designed to change market behavior.


Rainier’s product launch programs are surgically executed to achieve measureable results. We analyze, plan, scrutinize, optimize and help you communicate your messages with absolute credibility. And then we measure results. With numbers.


Independent advice and influence make industry analyst relations a fundamental component of Rainier’s public relations programs. We’ll help you be able to rely on analysts for objective, third-party credibility that enhances your brand promise.



Rainier leverages longstanding relationships with influential journalists and bloggers, and a deep understanding of what drives all forms of media. The media respond to Rainier’s credible outreach and content pitching because they know we only come to them with solid material that is crafted for the right target audiences – the markets you need to influence to drive your business results.


As just one basis for securing media opportunities, Rainier develops and maintains target lists of editors and analysts customized to meet your objectives, plus editorial calendars for your specific horizontal and vertical-market media outlets.


The changing face of all media has created a rapidly increasing opportunity to contribute content to publications, trade magazine websites, and industry blogs. Rainier has written and placed thousands of client articles. It’s all about content now – and we know content, and how to use it to create thought leadership.


More than 20 years of experience and an intimate connection with the media give Rainier a keen eye for what works – what to communicate and how to communicate it. We’ll help you identify and extract all possible value from newsworthy events with press releases designed for maximum editorial results – commanding attention, impact and action from the most influential media outlets and optimized for social media, syndicated feeds, crawlers and other digital media channels.



The Rainier team is a certified HubSpot partner agency. That means we can help you successfully launch your new HubSpot-supported inbound marketing program. The benefit of running both inbound and outbound through Rainier is a unified and integrated program that leverages the Rainier team’s intellectual equity across the entire content continuum.


As a complement to Rainier’s classic outbound analyst and media relations programs that place content in outside publications (earned media), as well as social channels, inbound marketing completes the picture by leveraging (sometimes nearly the same) content to pull prospects into your company’s website. By aligning the content published with your customer’s interests and persona characteristics, Rainier helps create a marketing engine that draws prospects into and through your sales funnel.


Rainier can create a new, responsive website that is optimized for lead generation and sales conversions as a HubSpot-enabled platform. Your new website will also be easy to update either by Rainier or internal resources.



Rainier’s use of social media is fully integrated into our PR programs – not carved off as an isolated task. Analysts, editors, and customers can all be LinkedIn-connected and Facebook-friended bloggers, tweeters and YouTubers. Consequently, we bring our clients to wherever the conversation is taking place and we help them say smart things to drive site traffic, leads, conversions, mentions, and revenue – now that’s social


Rainier’s media training programs are for spokespersons of all levels, helping to better understand the role of PR, discuss basic dos and don’ts and tips and tricks for interview success. We explore and role play the typical interview tactics reporters employ, practice developing messages, and participate in mock interviews with specific feedback for participants.


Studies show that face-to-face and telephone communication with analysts and editors remains the most effective means of getting your message across, establishing relationships and engineering influence over the short and long term. Rainier’s expertise in pitching and executing analyst tours and press tours consistently produces efficient and effective results for our clients.