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we are always welcome to any IoT creative idea and willing to make it into a real product. any smart city/smart home/Health idea, please come to collaborate with us. we have top tier Suppliers with strong partnerships. therefore, we directly contact with original manufacturer for 1st hand information

About Pegatron

PEGATRON is a professional manufacturing service provider.We are dedicated to introducing innovative design thinking into every detail of production.


Product Development

Computer Products/ Personal Computing

Computer products focus on notebooks, desktops, 2-in-1 PCs, notebooks and all-in-one PCs. Our exceptional system development capability pushes the envelop of modular design to unleash the full performance of the computer. International green energy regulations have been applied to design, production and application. At the same time, the combination of high strength, lightweight materials as well as state-of-the-art ergonomics analysis has culminated in novel, aesthetic craftsmanship that caters to wide-ranging computer needs of the consumers.

Rugged computer

Rugged computers can be safely used in extreme or special environments. Within the unique sealed design, we have developed protection against water, dust, shock, drop, UV radiation and salt spray. In addition, optimized performance features such as sunlight readable displays, smart power management and fan-less cooling combine aesthetics with rugged functionalities, making it suitable for medical care, outdoor, construction vehicle, agricultural vehicle or military applications. Moreover, the product complies with a variety of IP ratings, international green energy and EMC standards.


Server products focus on technical R&D and product development of enterprise storage systems, high performance motherboards and RAID cards in order to satisfy our clients’ needs in corporate application, cloud, Big Data, IoT and deep learning related server products and applications. In response to the over-depletion of Earth’s resources and deterioration in the environment, Pegatron has designed products that are in compliance with international laws by taking aspects including materials, production, design and R&D into consideration. In addition, we engage in the R&D of servers and storage systems from a green design perspective.


Consumer Electronics


Our high level of system integration ability and innovative power supply technology enable us to develop various platforms and the latest operating system, in turn facilitating the design of high added value and highly efficient tablets for the market. For special products with commercial or industrial applications, Pegatron is able to provide highly flexible design solutions to cater to unique specifications.

Game console

Game consoles refer to machines or equipment used to play games. Depending on how the game is played, game consoles are divided into home video game consoles (desktop) or palmtop game consoles (portable). As computer technology advances with time, game consoles have evolved to offer diverse functions such as online video services. Game consoles are also a type of computer, because its major components are identical to a computer, with main hardware consisting of CPU, memory, storage medium, audio/video output and signal input ports. However, game consoles focus heavily on graphics, sound and operating functionality compared to PCs, and a plethora of software/hardware is available for upgrades. Pegatron’s game console R&D team has numerous years of experience in this field, so we can quickly respond to and satisfy our clients’ needs, be it the design/production of complete machines or peripheral products.


With R&D experiences in high definition LCD TV and naked eye 3D television with multiple viewing angles, we can utilize key technology to enhance image smoothness and present the best visual enjoyment. Various input ports are available, supporting multiple video formats and connection to multimedia devices, enabling control through the remote control. In addition, it can be combined with cloud applications to play remote video and manage television program. Furthermore, it is in compliance with international green home appliance standard, effectively minimizing energy consumption.


Communication Products


With numerous years of cell phone R&D experience, including multifunction integration and performance enhancement such as: platform optimization, touchscreen interface, recognition system, depth camera, wireless communication & antenna design, fast charging module and cell phone app development, we are able to satisfy our customers’ position and needs in cell phone products.

Cable modem

With years of experience in broadband communication technology, software/hardware technology and product R&D, Pegatron’s industry-leading, new generation integrated services is able to connect Internet video, Internet telephone, wireless network with various smart home appliances in order to serve every need of homes or businesses, thereby helping our customers to make their products more competitive on the market.

Set-top box (STB)

With many years of experience in STB development, our industry-leading video platform and integrated technology supports high-definition, multiple-format videos offered by various service providers in different countries. At the same time, it features multi-screen support and connects to a diverse selection of multimedia devices. Furthermore, it supports multi-user environments to achieve limitless video playback via smart home network technology.

Network switch

Pegatron offers various network equipment solutions for enterprises and datacenters, including a variety of customized business or industrial application terminals, providing high-speed, reliable and secure network transmissions, as well as VoIP and business video conference facilities. By integrating network equipment, simplifying management complexity and difficulty, we are able to save space, resources and improve the efficiency of network utilization.


Car Electronics

Car entertainment system application service

Pegatron’s car entertainment system adopts the latest microprocessors combined with our proprietary software to support control, networking, multimedia, graphics, vehicle information and app interface etc. We provide customized product functions and human-machine interface, as well as integrated solutions such as IoV device remote management and cloud modules, including: multiple size screens, multi-touch, multiple smart phone connection, multiple 3D navigation and graphic information, multimedia playback for the front/rear seats, noise-cancelling voice control and text-to-speech, as well as the integration of various advanced driver assistance systems.

Vehicle telematics system

New-generation smart remote vehicle telematics system solution includes functions such as: Emergency call and service report telephone and remote diagnostics that are in compliance with international vehicle safety regulations. At the same time, cloud-service enabled software is combined with IoT products to infinitely expand applications.

Advanced driver assistance system

Advanced driver assistance system is integrated into the vehicle entertainment system, combining computer graphics with deep learning technology to provide forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and traffic sign recognition. In addition, it can be combined with multimedia graphics to detect and display the external environment in real time to effectively improve driving safety.


Smart Electronics

Wearable technology

Wearable devices emphasize fashionable, compact and succinct design, and they often feature user-friendly, intuitive user interface. They not only keep track of various measurements during workout but are also equipped with GPS, altitude and health management functions. At the same time, in conjunction with IoT, data can be sent to the cloud for analysis and management. Other functions include mobile payment, telephone and text messaging. Furthermore, IP design and international green energy standard are able to cater to a wide range of different users.

IoT products

By equipping various consumer electronics with wireless technology, they are endowed with functions such as long-distance communication, low power consumption and cloud service. Dynamic power management conforms to international green energy standards, while IP rated design supports protection from water and dust. Pegatron’s outstanding industrial design is complemented by multiple application technologies to create bespoke IoT products for our clients that can be used in smart homes and other diverse applications.


Drone systems provide automated flight and powerful computer visualization capabilities. Combined with cloud service, it can take off/land, hover and follow predetermined routes automatically thanks to auto stabilization, precise positioning/tracking and long-range transmission. We provide complete consumer and commercial drone solutions, customized functions as well as app development to meet the varying flying needs of our clients.


With numerous years of design and development experience in robots, Pegatron’s products are equipped with smart navigation, accurate environmental sensors, and power/performance management. In addition to exceptional industrial design capability, we also possess automated production technology necessary for robot manufacturing. Pegatron has collaborated with prominent international manufacturers to develop domestic and industrial robots by combining numerous key technologies in order to cater to diverse application needs in different types of robots.

Virtual Reality

The R&D team has comprehensive VR product R&D know-how to enhance the users’ immersive VR experience, broaden their field of view and materialize motion tracking of more than 360 degrees. In other words, we are able to present authentic, accurate spatial positioning experience to let the user grab or move objects in the virtual world using his body movements.



Supply chain management

Integrate upstream/downstream partners and information in order to ensure prompt material delivery. Accelerate company management and operating performance using the product management system in order to satisfy the customers’ demand in production capacity, quality, and delivery date.


Automation and smartization

Dedicated to enhancing production process automation and the application of AI. Create a versatile smart production approach through system integration and establishment of information network in order to offer customers reliable, high efficiency, and high quality products.


Flexible production capability

Able to provide fast, accurate, diverse and flexible production in small quantities to cater to the customers’ needs. Able to quickly replicate successful experiences from the demonstration production line in order to fulfill the customers’ demands in expanding production capacity and delivery.

Quality management

An effective quality management system is applied to supplier management, incoming quality control, production quality control, reliability testing and final quality control system to serve as production guarantee. Real-time monitoring is implemented throughout the production process in order to control product quality and traceability, thereby ensuring the production of reliable products that comply with the design specifications and the clients’ requirements.



We are well-prepared to satisfy our customers' various needs.

Our RMA team promptly resolves any after-sale repair needs based upon well-trained team members, efficient procedures and state-of-the-art advanced facilities. With our eService IT system and efficient Return to Vendor (RTV) processes, whether a board-level or system- level problem, the customer can be assured that our eService IT system and RTV processes will always provide quick and efficient solutions to our customers.

Pegatron has comprehensive support network and our diverse services encompass the following areas:

WUR (Whole Unit Repair ) RFB (Refurbish) BLR (L1 to L4 board level repair ) Display Panel Module (LCM/TPK) Repair Call Center Technical Service VMI Solutions EWP (Extended Warranty Program