Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen
Director at JABIL
Beijing, China
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Jabil is Helping Brands Innovate a Digital Future.

The increasingly digital world around us is driving pervasive connectivity, instant gratification and infinite customization, forcing markets to evolve at an accelerated pace with cycles shrinking from years to months and, in some industries, even weeks. New technologies and platforms are facilitating innovation and disruption. Companies need to bring innovative products to market more quickly and reliably than ever before.

Jabil’s engineering, manufacturing and intelligent supply chain solutions help you capitalize on this accelerated change and achieve digital business advantage. Thanks to the diversity of our expertise, technology assets and service options, there are virtually no limits to how you can team up with us. And together with our talented people, globally unified data and systems, and focused, intelligent approach to ensuring customer success – you can gain competitive advantage from supply chains and become a change agent in the industry rather than simply reacting to competitive pressures.


Full Service Digital Prototyping Lab

Our team of experts, combined with state-of-the-art equipment, offer you the ability to quickly and iteratively design, build, analyze and test your ideas and products. With true to form, functional assembly, verification and manufacturing capabilities for as many as 10,000 units, deliver the right product, faster, with reduced go-to-market risk.

Intelligent Digital Supply Chain

In this new digital economy, macro forces such as globalization, product complexity, short development cycles and mass customization create incredible pressure on companies' supply chains. The need for end-to-end visibility, instant response and immediate availability is changing business models and challenging existing supply chains to do more than simply keep up.


Broad Market Expertise, Scale and Stability.

Since 1966, Jabil has offered – and continually innovated – the most advanced manufacturing technologies and supply chain management capabilities in the world. With locations in 28 countries, we’ve distinguished ourselves by adding a wide-range of solutions that make us the premier end-to-end, one-stop shop for delivering innovative products securely and timely. Our team of experts is known internationally for its operational excellence, and we work collaboratively to design and implement intelligent supply chains that bring flexibility, security and speed to meet demanding deadlines.

Jabil has expanded into a wide array of industries, ranging from automotive to consumer electronics to electric vehicles to smart power grids. Along the way, we’ve assembled an innovative team of engineers and supply chain experts whose industry-specific expertise and creative ingenuity helps Jabil solve some of the most challenging design and manufacturing problems in the world. We’ve also built systems and processes that enable our teams to leverage our collective capabilities and the convergence of technologies across all our industries, meaning every one of our customers benefits from the very best of what Jabil has to offer, across multiple sectors.