Sophia Sophia
Sophia Sophia
Sales Representative at Hytronik
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Hytronik

Hytronik is a leading supplier of energy saving products and intelligent lighting control solutions and have been designing and manufacturing since 2007. Our product series include microwave motion sensor, dimmable LED drivers, DALI driver as well as LED emergency kit. With over 20 year’s expertise in the lighting industry and over 30% of total staff possessing technical and electronic background, we have been working closely with luminarie manufacturers, contractors, and other professionals to supply product and solutions to meet the varying needs, and will continue to excel in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

To be a world-class Energy Efficiency & Intelligent Control products & services provider; build a stage and platform for our employees to display their individual talents and career ambitions.

Research & Development

R&D is the engine of the company. More than 10% of sales revenue is invested every year in market research &analysis, making prototypes, optimizing production process, and striving for better performance and new solutions together with customers.

More than twenty engineers work on different project teams to provide flexible and quick tailor-made design.

Quality & Environment

Quality and environmental concepts are imbedded in the mind-set of the management. It starts at the early stage of design, and is realized throughout IQC and the highly automated production process:

Auto insertion–>surface mounting–> manual insertion–> wave soldering–> test–> Product identification–> automatic maturing line –>100% EMC on-line test–> packing.

The factory operates in full compliance with international Code of Conduct, labor laws and environmental laws. Now it is ISO 9001 certified, and we are in the process of the application of ISO 14001.

Production process & facility

Production efficiency and quality is in proportion to the level of automation. At the same time, the facilities offer good diversity and flexibility.

Whole Building Whole Building Reception


Mini-linear Version Tri-level Control HC404VRC-KD


Sensor Antenna (SAM)


Tri-level control 347V HC603VRC-KD


Human Centric Circadian


Emergency LED Driver


System DALI Panel (Scene Controller)


DALI Dimmer