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HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in October 2004. With the main headquarter in Shenzhen of China, HiSilicon has set up design divisions in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley (USA) and Sweden.

HiSilicon provides ASICs and solutions for communication network and digital media. These ASICs are widely used in over 100 countries and regions around the world. In the digital media field, HiSilicon has already released the SoC and solution for network surveillance, videophone, DVB and IPTV.

After years' accumulation, HiSilicon has mastered the leading IC design and test technologies, constructed the advanced EDA design platform, as well as R&D flow and regulations. Moreover, HiSilicon possesses the IPRs of more than 100 types of self-developed chips, while at the same time owning over 500 patents.

HiSilicon has kept excellent strategic cooperation with partners from USA, Japan, Europe and China, thus maintain a complete and stable network covering wafer production, encapsulation and test.

During 17 years' development, meeting customers' demands are driving force for Hisilicon. She always aims to provide high quality chip solutions with good services and quick response to customers' request. HiSilicon Technologies will persist in value creation for customers continuously.


Wireless Terminal

Wireless Terminal Chipset Solution

Modem Solution

Balong 310

Balong 310 is a cost effective HSPA+ chipset. It can support 64QAM in downlink, which will improve the spectrum efficiency. With the interference cancellation technology, Balong 310 will improve the throughput, especially at the edge of cell. It contributes to the network capacity as well.

Key Features:

  • HSPA+ 21Mbps/5.76Mbps
  • Full Data Rate Concurrency : 21M (DL) + 5.76M (UL)
  • 64QAM DL
  • E L2
  • Interference Cancellation
  • EDGE Class 12
  • Band I-VI, VIII, IX

Balong 520

Balong 520 is a high performance DC-HSPA+ chipset, which can support dual carrier both in downlink and in uplink. With Huawei’s propriety EEIC technology, Balong 520 makes a significant improvement in user experience.

Key Features:

  • DC HSDPA 42Mbps
  • DC HSUPA 11Mbps
  • UL 16QAM
  • MIMO
  • CPC
  • EEIC
  • EDGE Class 33
  • Support MMMB PA
  • Band I-VI, VIII, IX

Balong 710

Balong 710 is world’s 1st chipset to support LTE Cat 4 150Mbps and 3G Dual carriers with MIMO 84Mbps in downlink, fully complying with 3GPP Release 9.

Key Features:

  • 1. Multi Mode Solution
    • LTE FDD Cat 4 150Mbps/50Mbps
    • LTE TDD Cat 4 112Mbps/10Mbps
    • 3G Dual Carrier with MIMO 84Mbps/23Mbps
    • TD-SCDMA 2.8Mbps/2.2Mbps
    • EDGE Class 33
  • 2. iRAT function
  • 3. MIMO 2*2/4*2
  • 4. Worldwide frequency bands for global roaming
  • 5. Voice Function
    • 2G/3G Voice
    • CSFB from LTE to 2G/3G
    • Dual Radio
  • 6. Advanced semiconductor technology

Application Processor Solution


K3V2 is a high performance application processor for smartphone and tablet.

Key Features:

  • Quad-core ARM CortexTM A9 1.2G~1.5G with 1MB L2 cache
  • 64bit 450MHz LPDDR2
  • 250mtps, 1.3G pix/s, 80GFLOPS GPU
  • 20M pixel camera
  • 1080p 30fps video codec
  • 12x12mm2 PoP

* The processor is recommended for new designs and it is not end of life or end of marketing.

Network Access Terminal

Security and Surveillance

STB (Set Top Box)

Smart phone


Wireless & Fixed Network

Power the network

Ubiquitous broadband networks allow people to enjoy rich and seamless communication experiences anytime, anywhere. Our innovative ASIC technologies lay a solid foundation for smooth network evolution and user experience optimization, ensuring a sustainable growth of the telecom industry.

Wireless Network Chipset Solutions

High performance wireless networking chipsets support smooth evolution of 3GPP family of standards to achieve industry-leading specifications for single-RAN capacity (1536CE BBU) and the largest single module carrier number (8 carrier).

Through integrating high-performance wireless algorithm, we achieve the leading position in key indicators such as peak rate, wireless interface traffic throughput rate, etc.

Fixed Network Chipset Solutions

Datacom: Huawei’s market share ranked top 3 in the world and top 1 in the domestic new market

Full series of carrier-grade IP processing and traffic management chipset for 100G&200G line card; Full series of switching ASICs for 6.4T chasis capacity, and can be expanded to 80T

Optical: Huawei’s ranked #1 in the world, and is continuously improving its global share Full series of OTN, MSTP, RTN chipset, featuring 100G line card processing and 1 Terabit/s switch on a single chip, and enabling 6.4T capacity per chasis and carrier-grade transport.

End-to-End GPON/EPON dual model ASICs for OLT&MxU&ONT

Supporting the largest OLT capacity, carrier-grade OAM

High performance ONT bridge and gateway SoC