Simon Hung
Simon Hung
Account Manager at MJK Industrial Lock Ltd
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: MJK Industrial Lock Ltd


I am an Account Manager with MJK Industrial, based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. MJK is a manufacture of specialty locks mainly used in the gaming, vending and casino industry. With more sophisticated requirements from our clients, the locks we make are usually more unique and provided added security and key functionality.

At this time, we are very interested in engaging a partner to manufacture a smart lock. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

ABOUT MJK Industrial Lock:

Since its establishment in 1978, MJK has been producing innovative cam locks, switch locks, pad locks and other commercial locks of the highest quality for the global market.

Based out of our head offices in Taiwan, MJK’s research and development team is continuously creating new products to better serve the market and have earned more than 15 worldwide patents. These patents include technologies in our uChange, Magnum, Double-Edged and Core, series of locks.

Our manufacturing team adheres to strict ISO 9001 standards and our rigorous Quality Control measures ensure our products meet the highest quality market standards

We provide catalogued products, custom manufacturing, enterprise lock solutions and OEM services.


Lock Series-

  • Cam Lock Series
  • Switch Lock Series
  • Pad Lock Series
  • Hybrid Lock Series-Cam and Switch
  • Mounted Lock Series

Key Series-

  • Rose Key Series
  • Magnum Key Series
  • Flat Key Series
  • KABA Key Series
  • Double-Edge Key Series
  • uChange Key Series
  • Master Key Series
  • CORE Key Series- Replaceable Cylinder


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