Shumin Huang
Shumin Huang
PR Manager at Sonix
Hsinchu, Taiwan
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A Global Leader in Consumer IC Design

Sonix introduced its first integrated circuit product in 1996. Since that time, Sonix has become widely recognized as the world's leading provider of voice controller ICs. Today, Sonix is also a leading developer of innovative IC solutions for an even greater range of applications, including consumer ICs and multimedia ICs.

Current Products and Applications

Consumer ICs : Voice Controllers- Sonix is a global leader in voice controllers with an extensive range of Voice ICs that span single-chip micro-controllers with voice/melody output, 4/16/24 channel Melody Controllers, 16 bit DSP Voice Engine and low-power consumption musical chips. Applications include interactive and educational electronic toys, handheld games, educational learning appliances, and other devices requiring sound, voice and/or melody.

Micro-controllers: Sonix has designed an extensive range of flash type and OTP type 8-bit micro controllers embedded with high precision ADC and USB interface. In order to provide more powerful functions to customers, Sonix also stepped into a new segment by launching its first 32 bit MCU series already. Product applications of micro controllers include home appliances, PC peripherals, audio/video remote controllers, gaming accessories, automotive devices, and health care products.

Multimedia ICs : Sonix utilized core technologies of image processing expanding a range of Video and Image ICs. Sonix is the leading supplier of Webcamera chips for Notebook and one of the most important partners of Top 10 Notebook brands. Besides that, based on its own image technology, Sonix developed a series of proprietary 2.4 G RF wireless video and audio solutions for high-end remote control toys, baby monitors and wireless home security system.

Optical ID: Optical ID chipset is a proprietary technology of Sonix mainly for educational applications. It’s a perfect combination of optical principle, special coding and printing technologies. In 2002, Sonix launched the first generation Optical ID solutions for electronic educational appliances. Since then, Optical ID has a wide range application for education, entertainment and digital home appliances. Sonix also is granted a lot of patents of Optical ID Technologies in Taiwan, the U.S.A., China, UK, Germany, France, Japan and Korea.

Core Competence

Sonix is now one of the world's fastest growing suppliers of consumer IC chips to leading companies around the globe. Sonix's success can be attributed to the company's core competence in research and development and keen ability to develop and implement market-ready IC solutions. With over 75% of Sonix employees focused on research and development, Sonix is able to work closely with customers on the development of IC solutions that meet their time-to-market demands.


  • Microcontrollers
  • Video/Image Controllers
  • Voice Controllers
  • Wireless Multimedia
  • OID(Optical ID)
  • Multimedia Network Platform
  • USB Controllers