Shmuel Shalem
Shmuel Shalem
Director and CTO at Espro Information Technologies
Israel, Israel
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As one of the founders of Espro Acoustiguide I am responsible for all technical activities of the company from R&D to product definition, design and implementation. Previously worked at high-tech design centers in the US and Israel. I have a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Santa Clara in California and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technion - Israel institute of Technology.

ABOUT Espro Acoustiguide Group:

More than 30 million people speaking nearly 50 languages experienced an Acoustiguide in the last year alone. Most asked for an Acoustiguide by name, associating the brand with easy-to-use hardware and apps and quality content that sparks their imagination.

Our content, hardware, and services are ubiquitous at more than 600 museums, tourist attractions, heritage & historical sites, visitor centers & city walks. Acoustiguide’s creative teams deliver compelling stories that capture your visitors’ attention, creating the long-term bonds that turn them into loyal, repeat visitors.

Acoustiguide’s team are constantly seeking and utilizing the latest technologies to enhance sites’ reputations and drive visitor traffic. Recently, Acoustiguide delivered a tour featuring Google Glass at France’s Grand Palais Museum.

Acoustiguide has spent decades producing cutting-edge and engaging multimedia content, enhanced by the patented, proprietary technological capacity of our hardware, software, and apps. Our technology enables the easy synchronization of narrative content with onsite presentations and displays, creating an unparalleled visual and audio experience.

We’re more than a service provider. Acoustiguide partners with our clients from initial concepts to ongoing support, providing the staffing, marketing, and training as well to ensure Acoustiguides become a living part of your site’s experience. We develop with you the ideal turnkey or bespoke audio or multimedia guiding solution. Our creative teams custom design presentations to be dynamic, engaging, fun, educational, and available in numerous languages. Our hardware features our proprietary Opus or Opus+ systems and charging cabinets, all of which can be customized to support your brand. We design the custom apps for iOS and Android-based systems that modern tourists demand, so they can preview their tours and take them with them afterward. Systems using off-the-shelf units, which we can also customize, are available.

With a global network of offices and a network of distributors around the world from New York to Sydney, from Shanghai to Paris, and from Tokyo to St. Petersburg, Acoustiguide is the first choice of museums, tourist sites and exhibitions around the world.

Patrons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, the Kyoto Museum of Japan, Westminster Abbey, and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, are using their Acoustguides right now. Your visitors can join them.


Acoustiguide offers multimedia content and apps for site visitors across multiple platforms - including mobile, web and proprietary hardware and software solutions designed and manufactured specifically for the market.

Visit our Tours & Apps page to check out and download our latest Acoustiguide Apps

Creative & Content ServicesCreative & Content Services-

Acoustiguide's award-winning creative teams produce audio, video, narrative, text, multimedia, and sign language tours in nearly 50 languages for sites from museums to tourist attractions and visitor entertainment centers and special events.

Audio & Multimedia HardwareTechnology& Device-

Audio & Multimedia Hardware, Acoustiguide's hardware and software cover all possible technologies -- from simple, push-button-based hardware to optical wearable technologies, and from single-user devices to group guiding equipment.

Chimei.jpg On-Site Services-

Comprehensive On-site Management, Acoustiguide offers a range of management services, from training and qualification to complete supervision, staffing and tour sales.

Financial Solutions-

Acoustiguide can provide its clients with the assistance they need to finance an Acousitguide production, be it leasing, revenue-sharing, sponsorships, grants, or other options.

How We Do-

A well-established company with nearly 60 years in the guiding business, we still operate like an agile start-up, continuing to innovate and remain poised to bring our award-winning interpretive content to an ever more sophisticated generation of audiences.

Your site's visitors have come to expect cutting-edge, convenient content, and Acoustiguide helps you deliver. Our digital content and multimedia presentations can be used with virtually any phone or device, your personal one or the site's. We are also happy to give you the choice of fully customizable proproetray hardware and software solutions, creating a maximized visitor experience while reinforcing your brand.