ShihChin Li
ShihChin Li
AVP at Arima
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: Arima

I am looking for new IoT projects ideal for our company, such as Terminal device and IoT gateway. I am interested in anything from IoT end devices to IoT gateway or any customization product. Currently, we have a R&D team located in Taiwan Taipei.

About Arima

Arima Communications was founded in August 1999 as a member of the Arima Group, specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of mobile communications products. Currently, its main products are multi-band GSM / GPRS, 3G mobile phones and smartphones. Arima Communications' strategy is to integrate market research, product design, R&D, manufacturing, product certification, global logistics and after-sales service into a comprehensive solution in communication technology for customers. Arima Communications is headquartered in Yingge, Taipei. Operation Center is located in Jhonghe, Taipei. R&D Centers are located in four places, Jhonghe and Hsinchu in Taiwan; Nanjing and Hangzhou in China. Manufacturing Centers are located in Wujiang, China and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Arima Communications possesses solid R&D capability as well as the core technologies in wireless communications to ensure long-term competitive advantages. The R&D team of Arima Communications has numerous years of experience in successfully commercializing products in the realm of wireless communications. We possess key technologies in wireless baseband, radio frequency, communications protocol, user interfaces and application software. We are also actively researching and developing smartphones, 3G technologies and application products for WCDMA/UMTS.

In order to respond quickly to various frequency bands and diverse market conditions, Arima Communications has developed flexible multi-band & multi-mode mobile phones.

To remain at the cutting edge of technology, Arima Communications has actively planned for global R&D centers. In addition to the ones in Jhonghe and Hsinchu, Taiwan, we have also established R&D centers in Hangzhou and Nanjing, China to enhance our R&D capability.