Sheshadri Amathnadu
Sheshadri Amathnadu
Director of Technology & Business Development at SK Telecom
Santa Clara, United States
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Company Website: SK Telecom

Hello ! This is Shesh, I'm Technology Savvy with 15+ years of experience working in various domains. I'm an Entrepreneur, Advisor, Mentor to startup companies. I like disruptive / innovative ideas that truly makes difference. I have worked for fortune 100 companies in Corporate strategy, planning, Investments, helping Incubators / Accelerators. I'm currently with SK Telecom Innopartners that funds startups from all stages and I've been helping SK Telecom to Invest in Disruptive startups that are of Interest.

About SKTA

SK Telecom Americas (SKTA) is the North American business development arm of SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest telecommunication company and major shareholder in SK Hynix, the second largest memory chip maker.

SKTA is a Global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) leader that invests in building its parent company’s advanced network and boosting chip-making technology in Silicon Valley.

In addition to advancing growth opportunities for SK Telecom via acquisition, investment, and partnerships, SKTA’s core activities include:

Innopartners’ Accelerator

Innopartners’ Accelerator provides early-to-mid stage to companies in hardware and enterprise networking with legal, financial, and operational support to secure a successful exit.

SK Telecom Ventures (SKTVC)

SKTVC, a dedicated venture capital, funds strategic investments in early-to-mid stage mobile, semiconductor, and enterprise solutions.

Corporate Development

Corporate Development advances growth opportunities for SK Telecom via acquisition, investment, and partnerships in the area of mobile, semiconductor, and enterprise solutions.

Research & Business Development

Research & Business Development delivers innovative product and services to SK Telecom start-ups, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders in North America.