Sharon Lieberman
Sharon Lieberman
Director at TechDay
New York, United States
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TechDay is the US's largest tech startup event. Held in New York City in April, the event will host about 600 startups in various industry verticals and 30,000 attendees including press, investors, technologists, talent, users, entrepreneurs, etc.

TechDay launched with the goal of fostering and highlighting emerging technology. Since our inception, we’ve introduced thousands of companies to the public, press, & investing communities.

Join us for a look in to the future with over 550 of the most innovative tech companies in the world!

What to expect at TechDay

Tech companies icon

550 Tech Companies & Startups

Meet hundreds of the world’s companies with the most innovative technology.

Early adopters icon

30,000 Early Adopters

The largest assembly of the tech community under one roof. Meet early adopters, investors, press, users, entrepreneurs, top talent & many others.

Investors icon

$24 Billion of Venture Capital

TechDay hosts venture capital firms and angel investors with billions of dollars under management.

Jobs icon

Over 1,100 Open Positions

TechDay exhibitors are eagerly hiring for top-notch positions across every job function. This is your opportunity to join a company you'll love.

Major brands icon

Major Brands

TechDay is a fertile ground for traditional tech and non-traditional brands to scout new technology and partnerships.

Demos icon

100+ Mind-Blowing Demos

This year at TechDay you'll have the chance to see live demos from our exhibitors - this is your chance to see amazing tech in action.