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Shape Prototype is a product manufacturing team that is dedicated to providing product manufacturing solution for hardware startups and small businesses. Based in and around Shenzhen and Dongguan areas in China, the capital of electronics and molds in the world, with extensive resource and connections in the industry, we have delivered world class parts and services to the companies worldwide.

Our team recognized that nowadays more and more innovative hardware startups and small businesses are driving to create game-changing products. As a factory owner we are aware that by the time the manufactured parts reached to you, they have passed through several contractors, the prices have been increased several times and regrettably, puts a financial strain on the early days of a startup. Simply put, the only way to get a part charged fairly is by cutting out the intermediary and contractors. And we believe, this is how small business and startups should be treated.

We are not a startup incubator or accelerator, we are simply manufacturer. We are aiming to help startups by providing the most cost-effective and economical prototyping and manufacturing solution through our extensive manufacturing expertise in our in-house facilities, broad network in material and hardware sourcing, as well as highly experienced project management skills.

Your design ideas are unique, so every quotation is tailored specifically to meet your individual requirements.From 1 to 100,000+ custom parts, from prototyping to rapid tooling and to volume production, we provide personal assistance on every project.


Prototype + Machined Parts

Custom CNC Machined / Vacuum Casting / Sheetmetal


Shape Prototype offers an unrivalled rapid prototyping service. Suitable for 1 to 500+ Parts in Plastic/Metal. Using a range of techniques including CNC Machining,Sheetmetal Work,Vacuum Casting, and various Surface Treatments, No matter where you are in the world, just send us your 3D CAD data and in as little as 7 days you will have highly-finished custom parts in your hands.

Production + Manufacturing Solution

Rapid Tooling / Injection Molding / Die Casting



Suitable 500 to 100,000+ parts. From Plastic Injection Molding to Metal Die Casting, from DFM Analysis (Design for Manufacture and Assembly analysis) to cost estimation to manufacturing schedule and packaging considerations, our in-house engineering team and facility can provide you the most economical and efficient manufacturing solutions.

Part Assembly & Inspection


ShapePrototype aims to provide high quality of every single part. From dimensions accuracy to surface treatment, all of the features are inspected per print and per customer’s requirement. We make parts to 100% customer’s satisfaction. We also offer lifetime repair service and consultancy for all our clients.


PCB Design / Manufacturer

Project Management & Support

Schedule & Budget Planning

Component Sourcing

Creation & Implementation of Quality Plan

Full Inspection Conduction