Shaolin Zhu
Shaolin Zhu
Sales Director at Vigor Power
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Vigor Power

ABOUT Vigor Power:

Vigor Power prides itself as a professional battery manufacturer, dedicated to producing and selling power- type high-capacity NI-MH, Lithium ion, Lithium polymer and Lithium iron phosphate batteries. The EP brand NI-MH and LI-PO batteries are widely applied in the fields of RC car, boat, helicopter and air-soft gun, which possess great fame among the global RC world. Other power-type and normal batteries are as well employed in the occupation of power tools, communication, lightning, etc.


Product Brief:

The fist product – EP brand SC 5000 series high-capacity power-type LI-PO 6000mAh, 60C battery, contributes to many championship in RC competitions with its superior long time of high-rate discharging and outstanding performance of discharging average voltage.

Vigor Power Lithium ion 18650 batteries, which adopt international top technology and imported materials, are characterized by the stable quality, high capacity, low internal resistance and long cycle life. They have ever been spoken highly of by our customers at home and abroad, and widely used in the areas of power bank, power tools and lightning. Additionally mentioned is the new product of electronic cigarette and it’s now in co-operation with our customers.

The Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries focus advantages in its good stability, high discharge rate and adaptability of large range of circumstance temperature. The series 10-30AH Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are applied in UPS power source and mobile base stations.