Shaofang Zhu
Shaofang Zhu
Sales Manager at A proton
Zhejiang, China
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A proton is a positively charged subatomic particle. All atoms have protons. The number of protons in the nucleus determines its chemical properties and what chemical elements it belongs to. We hope to discover the power to change the world from the subtleties, and define the new mode of smart healthcare essentially.

We are a high-tech start-up enterprise, our mission is to change the management mode of human health with the accumulation of big data, and also with the integration of technology, health, and care. What we always pursue is the expansion of wisdom, the development of health, and the care of every step in your daily life.

Hangzhou Proton Technology Co., Ltd. is an internet company focusing on intelligent wearable health monitoring equipments. It was founded on Sep. 2015 and located in East Software Park (Hangzhou, Zhejiang). Our R & D team comprises professors, PhD and masters from Zhejiang University and the UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara), who are specialized in biomedical engineering and also contacted with the most cutting-edge technologies in the world.

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Care Path Thermometer for Children


Care Path ECG Card

CarePatch ECG Card is a handheld single lead ECG monitoring device. The card can conveniently record 30 seconds medical-level ECG signals. Based on Bluetooth 4.1, the card sends data to your smart device, e.g., cellphone and pad. And with our App, you can establish your own health records, get the ECG data stored and analyzed with our cloud server, share reports with your family, and consult professional doctors. More features and services will come soon.